"Welcome to Monzo" message obscured

(David Waterman) #1

On the ‘Home’ tab, I scroll down to find ‘Welcome to Monzo’. If I tap that, I see it shows me my account number and sort code, and also a message regarding the quickest way to add money…but that message is obscured by a ‘SHOW ME’/‘NOT RIGHT NOW’ dialog.

The line lowest line I can read is ‘using the details above. You can’, and the line(s) below aren’t visible. I tried selection both ‘SHOW ME’ and ‘NOT RIGHT NOW’, but neither helped me see the lines below.

I’m suspect I’m not interested in what it says, but it doesn’t look very professional, so I figured I’d mention it.

Is there a place to log bugs on the app?

Android/Pixel 2

(Aled) #2

Use the in app chat function to let the peeps at Monzo know

(David Waterman) #3

Done, thanks. The issue is caused by the app not accounting for the use of a large font in accessibility settings. He said they would inform the development team so it can be fixed.

(Aled) #4

Makes sense. Glad you got an answer and hopefully we will see a fix soon.