Proof of bank account?

…without providing a bank statement?

Is there such an option?


If you contact chat you can request this.

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Where is it located, sorry. Struggling to find it

Monzo hid the main button to access chat, but you can still find it by searching for ‘contacting support’ in the FAQ section and there’s a link there

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If you tap help in the app, potentially at the bottoms should be able to Chat there.

Otherwise, search ownership, and at the bottom tap still not found what I’m looking for :crossed_fingers:t3:

You’re asking for an account ownership letter :relaxed: if you need anything else just let us know :raised_hands:t3:

When staff members have to cross their fingers that they’ll be able to direct customers to support, you know you’ve gone too far in hiding it.


It’s only an emoji :crazy_face:

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It’s not that deep, no need to look into something which isn’t there.

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