Weird iPhone connection problem

So this is a weird one. My iPhone has suddenly stopped allowing voice calls and voice notes, incoming and outgoing.

I’ve done a full reinstall as new, and it’s still there.

This is what happens: when I receive an incoming voice call, neither party can hear anything, but the line connects. If I try to make an outgoing call, it just snaps back to the keypad.

If I receive a WhatsApp voice/video call, I try to answer and it says call failed. If I receive a voice note, it won’t play. And it won’t let me send a voice note.

The phone is connected fine to wifi and 4G. The speaker works fine (when playing videos/notifications). It’s just with calls. Everything else on the phone seems to be working fine.

Any ideas what this might be?

Have you worked through all the steps here?

Sounds like an issue with the headphone jack. Do you have anything plugged in or stuck in there?

Edit: If the WhatsApp calls are failing entirely then it sounds more serious. Contact Apple Support (in the Apple Support app) and they’ll run a remote diagnostic for you and will likely figure out what it is.

Did you try a full iOS restore with iTunes?

Can you use the mic for Siri for example?

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Either the internal mic is broken, something is stuck in the headphone jack (if any) or a bluetooth headset is silently connecting in the background (which presents itself as a mic to the system) and screwing things up.

Can you try using the mic for anything else like voice notes, Siri or voice iMessages?

I’ve done a full erase and set up as a new phone.

I’ve also tried cleaning the headphone socket, and no there are no bluetooth headphones nearby.

I can’t record WhatsApp voice notes - it fails (ie it doesn’t record blank sound, it just fails).

What about voice memos using the built-in app?

I haven’t tried voice notes. But I just tried to receive a Facetime call - it seems to connect but there’s no picture or sound (on my phone or the caller’s phone).

Have you tried Apple Support app for the hardware diagnostic?

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