Phone Playing Up - What Do?

Got a Huawei Y7 ( 2017 )

Sometimes If i try to make a phone call it cuts off before it even rings, or if someone tries phoning me it goes to answerphone.
However the only solution is to restart the phone then it works fine?

Any idea what could cause this ? Thanks

It might be worth removing the SIM and giving the contacts a gentle rub with a lint free cloth. That’s resolved issues for me in the past.

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Buy an iPhone.

(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Have you reset the phone to factory standards (back up first!) then restored? Tricky one, hope you get it fixed.

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I do have a spare iPhone SE if the huawei packs up.

Seems to do it sometimes but usually it is ok

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In which case, put the SIM in the iPhone for a while. If the problem persists, then it’s not your phone which is causing the problem, it’s either the SIM or the network.


New iPhone rumoured to be launching soon at around £400/500 if you did want to go back.

Android side definitely look at the mi9T Pro or Pixel 3a. I have the mi9T Pro and absolutely love it.

I can vouch for the Pixel 3a, i got it a few weeks ago and have never looked back. Signal is much better than my previous phone. It also has the option to completely abandon a physical sim card in favor of a Esim subject to your network providing them.

Thanks. I cleaned the sim card and I’ll keep an eye on it

Gone back to my iPhone se as I wasn’t getting calls or able to make any without constantly rebooting the huawei