Remaining balance for month doesn't match end-of-month

Hi all,

I like the current account “£x left for n days” feature on the feed screen. However, the remaining amount doesn’t match the balance for some reason:

In this case, I don’t understand why it says £0 left, when I have a non-zero balance. It would make sense if I had uncleared transactions, but this doesn’t seem to have been the case for the past few months when I first noticed this.

Can anyone help?


Is some of that £64.83 money that’s come from a bill split/shared tab/transfer or something like that? Some of those (I forget which) aren’t included in left to spend.

E.g. You spent £125, someone gave you back £64.83 but the first payment is included, the second isn’t.

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I think this is why that’s presumably (total guess) going to be phased out in advance of trends.

What’s happening here is Monzo is taking your start amount and working out what it thinks you should have left by this point, all told.

But it sometimes get’s it wrong, which is what you see here. Happy to be corrected by the monzo team but that’s how I understand it to work.

Nope, doesn’t apply in my case. I used my account strictly for basic daily spending

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Makes sense. Since my account usage is so simple, I would want or expect this number to just be “days in the month / balance at the start”, so I can track if I’m not overspending for the month so far. If it’s trying to do something more sophisticated then that would better explain it

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