Compare current balance with past balance

I always want to know how my funds are going compared to the same time last month and last year - it would be great if there was a little chat or report that could show that. At the moment I have to scroll back and forth which is clumsy and time consuming.

Monzo is all about managing money better and that would be a big help.

At the mo your best option is just to use the csv to generate charts.

Exactly. I’ve had fifteen years across various banks of exporting data, importing it into a spreadsheet and graphing that.

I think there may be aggregating services like “money dashboard” that I could use… but it would be super convenient to just have it in the monzo app.

There used to be a “Pulse Graph” but it wasn’t very good and some people (me!) really didn’t like it.

No reason something like that couldn’t be rectified and made available somewhere in the app, with some improvements of course.

I miss the pulse graph…it told me exactly what I had at the same point in the previous month. :slight_smile:

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I do not miss the Pulse Graph as I’ve never done that ‘looking back’ thing, and it took up a quarter of the screen to tell me something that could’ve be handled better/smaller.

Each to their own eh!


The pulse graph isn’t the kind of thing I’m after - that was still a scrub back and forward affair.

A usable graph would be one which showed three lines on it - this week, the same time a month ago, and the same time a year ago.

If there was a reason why Monzo didn’t want to do graphs it could easily be done by showing a little table like this:

Today Last Month Last Year
£534 £620 £480
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Makes sense!

I think the problem with this sort of thing is that it’s usability is limited and offering one solution to one set of customers does nothing for all of the other sets of customers who would want a different solution. If Monzo work out how to crack that, then great, but until then, all of these ‘bespoke’ solutions run the risk of alienating the proportion of the customer base who just see it as a waste of space (or a mess of toggles which is just as bad).

I think a ’minimal’ approach is where we’re heading at the moment.

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Although I hear things about toggles expressed negatively quite a lot, they can be very useful/powerful… :slight_smile:

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Yes, or they bamboozle the non power-user who never finds quite the combination they need and gives up in disgust.

I know from my career you can put in all of the options you want to a piece of software and the end user never touches them or even looks for them.

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Agreed. Not an easy nut to crack!

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Uh, isn’t this part of the forum for suggestions? For hearing about business feature ideas that some of the customers are interested in?

So please don’t dismiss it because you can’t think off the top of your head how it might be delivered.

Yes, and for discussing them. Thant’s what’s happening here.

Er… I didn’t.

i Don’t see you discussing, I see you dismissing. Different approach, quite disappointing

Sorry it comes across that way. I thought I was just suggesting that different people needed different things that would be a challenge to do well. I guess we can never account for the “voice” people read things in. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks, no harm done. :+1:

Removing options in an attempt not to overwhelm the user is understandable, as long as those of us who wish to do so have a way of managing our money effectively. If that means that Monzo simply expose the data and users have to develop their own third-party tools then fine, as long as they’re supported.

If it turns out I switched to Monzo for a more modern and effective organisation of money, and now it’s deciding to over-simplify, that is also fine. App-banking is an emerging market with lots of competitors springing up, so Monzo has an opportunity to carve itself a niche, and simplicity has proven a winner for tech before.

Personally I need functionality, so will be watching to see how this develops!