Is balance history no longer available in the most recent overhaul?

Monzo used to have a graph at the top of the app. When scrolling through transactions, the focus point of the graph would move to show you what your balance was on that particular date.

The most recent app update seems to have nuked this feature completely. I cannot see anywhere on the app that shows me what my balance was on a particular date.

Even analogue banks like Santander have this feature. I do my finances monthly and I need to be able to see what my balance was on the 20th of each month. Now my only option is to do this on the very date, rather than being able to go back through my transactions and see.

Have I overlooked something or is this the case?

Sadly not, you might be able to export your transactions and work it out.

It only tells you how much you’ve spent on a day.

Thanks for confirming this.

This is a major regression in my eyes. Even Santander and Lloyds have this on both their mobile and webapps.

Is there any way I can tag this so it will appear in the feedback section or should I just make a new thread there?

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I moved your thread to that section. I think there are others on the same topic

This is the thing I miss most. Really need to see how my balance compares with earlier times. I also liked the graph.
Maybe it’s because I’m not a Millennial. Please don’t forget us Boomers.

QI siren going off. Instant ban from the forum.


While I agree and wish it did, it doesn’t. It’s something that got mentioned quite a lot when the design changes were in the lab stage. Maybe it’s something that will be added at a later date.

I don’t think the graph though is coming back.

I don’t really care about the graph, but the balance is a must in my opinion.

Maybe it’s because I’m not a Millennial. Please don’t forget us Boomers.

I am a millennial and I want it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have this same problem I really like being able to look back at the same point in previous months to get an idea of how I’m doing this month. I’ve found you can view the balance via the statements if you click on the account number and sort code in the blue box at the top then go to statement history. Select the month you want and I just share it to print for a quick preview of the file and can scroll through the statement to find the balance on any day. It’s nowhere near as convenient as it was but I’ve heard it should be returning in some form so will hang on until then

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I’m hoping that Summary is going to get an overhaul that will bring back some of the information we lost when Pulse disappeared…

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