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Does anyone else find it disconcerting that you cannot see previous balances on “your card” and then to mentally check if subtracting the days purchases from your previous balance adds up to “your card” balance , Ive just received a refund onto my “your card” balance and not been quick enough to see "your card " balance prior to the refund being added , with no report on the payments screen of the refund Ive no idea how much the refund is for and can’t find anywhere on the app to show me previous balances except the monthly balance graph which to me doesn’t appear to be too accurate (showing the same amount over three or four purchases on that day ).

I know it would clutter the screen somewhat but it would be useful to me to display a historic running balance next to the purchase so that you can track debits and credits ? - lol whilst I appreciate “your card” is a running balance Im not too sure how I got to that running balance

Display running balance with each entry

A big concern I have to. After using the card for a while you can’t crunch on the fly your balance in reflection of payments. Plus I had a couple of payments that went out that never hit the news feed making the balance unreliable.


Hi, I’m sure Mondo is working on a better implementation.

But right now you can check your balance at the time a transaction was made (even refunds) by going to Then List all the transactions, and the balance would be in one of the fields.

I know this is very tedious and not easy, and I hope Mondo solves this problem.

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tried this, but it too is not showing the refund transaction as far as i can see, however it does show the last running balance so i can now work out what the refund is - ta

  • as you say hope mondo can solve this because I can’t see a simple way of checking your balance to expenditure is correct apart from total top ups minus adding up your total monthly expenditures, to check “your card” balance is correct - surely there needs to be a simpler way of keeping check ?

Also when you go on holiday with another mondo user and they reimburse you half the holiday costs this gets added to “your card” balance but doesn’t relate to your top ups versus your expenditure so you would have to add these in to verify your correct balance on “your card”

A historical running balance against transactions would be the simple way of keeping tabs on what your card should have on it ?

maybe Im missing something ?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. The way we try to answer that question is through the graph, so when you scroll you get a ticker with the balance that you had on that particular date, so you could see if the final balance is actually the result of your balance + the refund (even though we should be able to create enough trust so you are comfortable with our calculations :slight_smile:

We know the graph needs a bit of work but conceptually we think this answers your question… Am I missing something? Thanks!!

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thanks for the reply Hugo, it would appear from the number of replies it doesn’t bother most people - and I also appreciate the graph is a work in process being in the Beta phase of your development.

I didn’t realise how the graph functioned specifically without being told

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Any chance we can have the balance as a transaction was made? I know it displays your total balance in the top left but would be great if you could see your balance after each transaction like the image below which is on the Halifax app.

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This post may be helpful :grinning:

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This is being discussed at length here: