We can't see previous balance?

Really? Oh this would be fantastic.


Is there any further timing update on re-introducing this ‘running balance’ functionality?

I am really struggling without it!

Many thanks!

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We started thinking about the problem, but we haven’t started working on a solution yet (still working on Pots Reordering)!



Regarding Pots reordering/hiding, two questions:

  1. Is there any plans to hide transfers to/from hidden pots from your accounts transaction feed? It seems counterintuitive to hide the pot yet be reminded of it every time a scheduled payment or IFTTT trigger happens and reminds you of it again.

  2. Do we have a rough/approximate timeline of when this may hit labs?

  1. Not initially
  2. Few weeks maybe? (Not sure)

Feel free to suggest point 1 in the preview thread

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Very excited for all this

Any word on when you might be implementing this?

4 months and ticking…

It is a real pain not having this functionality: a big backward step! Please step forward again!


Not gonna lie this is the only thing I prefer when I was with Halifax and legacy banks


Monzo works as it is for me, I just want to know what my balance is now and how much iv spent each day. Just as is offered. If I need to find a balance for a particular day then I just look at statement.


Yup. It’s weird. So much transparency I’ve received through :monzo:, and yet, what was my balance yesterday is kept a relative mystery.

Thanks. But it’s not working for some customers for whom the running balance is useful.

How do you use it?