We can't see previous balance?

Really? Oh this would be fantastic.


Is there any further timing update on re-introducing this ‘running balance’ functionality?

I am really struggling without it!

Many thanks!

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We started thinking about the problem, but we haven’t started working on a solution yet (still working on Pots Reordering)!



Regarding Pots reordering/hiding, two questions:

  1. Is there any plans to hide transfers to/from hidden pots from your accounts transaction feed? It seems counterintuitive to hide the pot yet be reminded of it every time a scheduled payment or IFTTT trigger happens and reminds you of it again.

  2. Do we have a rough/approximate timeline of when this may hit labs?

  1. Not initially
  2. Few weeks maybe? (Not sure)

Feel free to suggest point 1 in the preview thread

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Very excited for all this

Any word on when you might be implementing this?

4 months and ticking…

It is a real pain not having this functionality: a big backward step! Please step forward again!


Not gonna lie this is the only thing I prefer when I was with Halifax and legacy banks


Monzo works as it is for me, I just want to know what my balance is now and how much iv spent each day. Just as is offered. If I need to find a balance for a particular day then I just look at statement.


Yup. It’s weird. So much transparency I’ve received through :monzo:, and yet, what was my balance yesterday is kept a relative mystery.

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Thanks. But it’s not working for some customers for whom the running balance is useful.

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How do you use it?

Please add back in the ability to easily find my balance on any arbitrary day in the past. I get that many users may not need it, but providing it only via PDF - well, that’s a bit… legacy bank don’t you think?


In my experience legacy banks provide the feature you want in their apps. And no one had to request it.

What do you use it for?

For checking the bank can correctly add and subtract sums of money. For instance, by having a running balance, I was able to tell that Virgin Money struggled with basic maths and had fiddled me out of sums of money.

Having a running balance on a bank account or in accounting is not unusual and it’s something that helps many people.

Every time I see it requested on this forum, it is countered by what do you use it for?

If you don’t need it, that’s great. Some people need it though. :+1:


So what happened with virgin in the end?

Did they give an explanation

They didn’t explain why it had happened, but they did credit the missing money.

I think asking why someone is requesting something is valid, it might be that I’m not considering every angle of something and have been missing out on how to better manage my money. I don’t think it’s asked as a negative, it’s an open question designed to help others better understand the proposed request. The more other understand, the more weight/votes it’ll get, so it’s a good thing IMO.


Most commonly it’s because I want to know if I was in danger of running out of money or using my overdraft in previous months. The auto-generated monthly summary doesn’t tell me this.

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