Want to keep metal card after cancelling monzo premium after 13 months and paying £195

Are you saying you feel they should let you continue to have the perk if you spend a certain amount?

They would need to have on the page or terms

Stay with us for a year and you keep the card indefinitely even if you downgrade

Or specify the time period or amount spent on subscription. Otherwise if you fancied the card you could do what I mentioned and cancel as soon as you get it in the post.

Not reading = deceiving.

Then insults people who help.



You could of just bought a metal card from a 3rd party for less then you’ll have it indefinitely.

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its dirty business. i genuinely thought after a year you can keep it. but obviously as a customer im not worth a metal card to monzo. i will make sure this is seen over social media so customers know what to look out for. sadly i gave monzo the benefit of the doubt.

Your 7 followers don’t care.


I don’t know how people got through adulthood without having a clue about how things work!


customers should keep the metal card after a certain period of time.

ive done very very well for myself thank you very much.

It doesn’t matter what you think. You agreed to this when you signed up. There aren’t pages of terms and conditions, it’s short and sweet

Just because you decided to ignore it doesn’t mean your version of what you want to happen is true


sorry i didnt even know i have followers

To be fair, I’m not sure I understand the folks jumping in the you should have read the terms band wagon.

Especially when I’ve watched users jump onto the no one reads the terms band wagon when criticising other banks and companies for applying their terms and conditions.

It’s really baffling to see!


I remember the returns thing being discussed when Premium first launched. It will be here burried in the archives, but yes they recycle them and no they won’t come after you if you don’t return the card.

As for this, I also paid £195 for my American Express Premium Plus account and got the black card. If I switch down to the free BA AMEX my black card is cancelled and I’m issued a new blue card. Is this any different?



“Seen over social media” is pointless. Nobody cares what you say and you ranting into nothing won’t change the fact that you didn’t read the terms when you signed up and are now having a tantrum about it.

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Yeah I was just asking what amount of time are you suggesting - Longer than 12months? Or less than that to qualify,

You’re paying the subscription though not directly funding that item.

It’s like leasing a car, you don’t expect to own the car or have equity in it unless it was PCP and in the terms.

lol short and sweet, really think you guys should go out abit more rather than reading terms and conditions all day. no one reads them.

Well this is why you should

Also I’m not a guy


I’m just going to jump in here to confirm the section of our Terms and Conditions.

Cancelling :newspaper_roll:

If you change your mind, you can cancel Monzo Premium within 14 days of signing up. If you’d like to cancel, you can do so in the app. We’ll give you a full refund but we’ll charge you a £50 fee if you’ve ordered a metal card. That’s how much it costs us to get your Monzo Premium card made.

If you’d like to cancel Monzo Premium after 14 days of signing up, you can do it in the app but you may have to pay a cancellation fee. Please see the table below for details.

Your cancellation is immediate. We’ll keep your Monzo current account open but you’ll lose access to the benefits of Monzo Premium at the same time you choose to cancel. We’ll cancel your metal card 14 days later and send you a replacement current account card as soon as you cancel.

If you close your Monzo current account we’ll also cancel Monzo Premium.

Hope this provides some further clarity and with that being said, I’ll be closing this Topic as well as it seems to have went into direction of personal attacks which isn’t accepted on here.