Can I just have the metal card without premium?

I’ll assume you cannot just buy one outright for £100 one off fee?

I am not interested in the other things only the metal card.

I have Plus at the moment.

If the minimum 6 month period there to ensure the metal card is definitively paid for during the membership?

After 6 months you could cancel it, having paid £15x6 so £90, and keep the metal card and move back to Monzo Plus?

Or if you lost the card and had to replace it and pay the £50 it costs Monzo to produce can you keep the metal card that way?

No worries if now I would just love a metal card I just don’t care enough to pay £15 continuously forever for one unless it has other features worth getting I already have Revolut Premium and considering Monzo Business Plus etc.


You’d keep the card but it wouldn’t work.


Does it actually stop working? I know the wording somewhere says they’ll stop it after 14 days of cancelling or whatever but I don’t think I ever seen one cancelled.

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It does, otherwise everyone would just order one and then cancel to keep the card.

Shame really.

Maybe depends on how it got cancelled either customer end or staff end.

I did that with Plus at the start of the year and it worked.

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Oh really? Mine said it would stop working and then did….ended up with a coral card again

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Yeah, I activated the card in the app after cancelling and I believe it worked…

Although, thinking about it, it’s possible I didn’t actually activate the card at that point… so maybe my last statement was a lie, can’t remember well enough :grimacing:


Any possible is like, you get Premium and order the metal card and then cancel Premium get Plus afterward, but at that moment you activate your metal card?

Once you cancel premium your metal card will stop working and a hot coral replacement card will be ordered.

I believe that metal (and plus cards) are physical anchors to entice and keep subscription. Despite it being in a box at home. And using mobile pay everywhere.


I think there’s potentially some variance here, but as I understand it one you’re gone, you’re gone. It’s not possible to active your replacement plus card using the metal one, I’ve tried this and it threw as you might expect an error.

ah that’s a shame, I pay for Monzo Plus and would happily pay good money for a metal card enough for Monzo to make a nice profit out of it, no problem with that. I just don’t plan to pay perpetually forever for a metal card, it just is not quite at that level for me.

Would be great if it was like Revolut where you can just pay for extra cards and have 2-3 physical cards connected to Monzo main account to use them as backups when travelling and on holiday etc.

I use Apple Pay too much for it to be worth paying £15 a month forever just for the metal card

thanks guys for the comments!!


I think this is where Monzo perhaps got it “wrong” with the metal card. If you take premium sans card as their premium account, I actually think it stacks up quite well against competitor options.

There are a few outliers (nationwide) but it’s pretty competitive, IMHO. However the card in itself would I think be a potential upgrade option, for example included with premium or like £4 a month if you just had plus.

Mine still works fine.