Want a new card but i want it to have the same card number

Hi, so i want to order a new monzo card but i do not want the new card to have different card number than the one i am already using. (Several reasons)
Would this be possible?

Hi, pretty sure that’s not possible at least at the moment.

But only in app support can give you a definite answer.

For what it’s worth, typically pre-existing payment authorisations continue as-is when a new card is issued, meaning you would not necessarily need to update your details for services that charge you on a recurring basis (e.g: netflix). Additionally, Visa and Mastercard have services for updating details automatically with merchants.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the same card number issued with a debit card before with any bank so I highly doubt it will be possible. Credit cards are different because the card number is the account number.

As @kolok states, only Monzo in app support can answer your question.

HSBC keep the same card number just with an updated expiry date/security code.

Weirdly it creates its own issues as some services that have your card flagged as “expired” don’t always accept that you’ve taken action to renew your details when so little has changed. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU STARBUCKS!!!)


Is this because youd have to update all your subscriptions?

Because if thats the reason i think monzo were trialling something that would allow them to tell your subscriptions (like spotify etc) your updated card number.

Not too sure if thats still happening but worth having a little look for if thats youre reasoning

Yup, it’s still in Labs :lab_coat:

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I know Metro Bank let you reprint the same card, is that not possible with Monzo?

Technically possible using what’s called a PAN sequence number but it’s not something we have implemented yet.

The vast majority of card replacements are due to loss or fraud and those are good reasons to change the card number.


Are you aware of any (UK) financial institutions that do use the PAN Seq No? Is that what the legacy banks do when they send a new card after the current one expires (they usually have the same PAN).

Incidentally, does this mean that when a Monzo card expires, we’ll be forced onto a new PAN?


Out of curiosity, can you give some of the reasons? Other than the subscriptions “hassle” which others have commented on, I’m wondering why else you’d want to keep the number? Genuinely curious (in case I’ve missed something with my own financial set up) and no worries if you’d rather not.

I didn’t know that any bank gave the same card numbers again.

One possible reason for the request is just once the card number has been memorised , it’s nice not to have to remember a new one.

I was always with Barclays and whenever I got a new card they only changed the last 2 or 4 digits so it was easy to remember the new card.

When monzo issue replacement cards is it also a similar card number?

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Monzo can tell a number of retailers your new card details so you wont need to update them manually

(check monzo labs) ask if you need more direction to it

So here is the thing, and i know people are going to be like “oh it’s not safe, you shouldn’t do it”
I am trying a diy project which i dissolve the card and remove the NFC chip and use it in my wrist band.
This way i can make contactless payments without even my phone.
And for the reference i have not lost this wrist band for like 8 years now. And i am not going to lose it after.
Thanks for all the responses btw.

Have you thought about embedding the NFC chip under your skin?


Should be embedded in your tongue. When it’s time to pay, just lick the terminal. :tongue: :joy:


Replacing it every 3–4 years does not sound fun. :grimacing:

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I guess having the expiry date etc as a tattoo, and crossing it out every 3-4 years wouldn’t work?

but doesnt every so often you get asked to enter your pin?

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