Card Numbers

Not sure if it has been asked and not sure if it is going to be possible but when Monzo ‘goes live’ would we be able to keep the same card numbers etc as having to change them again on lots of things like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft etc will be a real chore.

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I’d hope to keep the same card number for convenience, but I’d also hope the virtual cards feature that Tom discusses here -

… would be released by then. Even so, we’d probably still have to update those services with our virtual card numbers, but just for that initial release of that feature and should never need to again after that :smile:

Since the card’s will be changing from prepaid cards to debit cards, the BIN will change which unfortunately means the card number will change too (the BIN number makes up for first 6 digits of your card number).

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Thought so… nevermind :frowning:

I hope Monzo can do something clever and tell us which systems we’ll have to change out details in.

While you can find which retailers you used your card with before the number changed it is impossible for Monzo to know what sites you gave your card details to, particularly if they retained the details on file for possible future transactions and haven’t charged you anything yet

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