Switching from the Preview's Debit Cards to the Final Generation of the Card

(Nick) #1

When we get the new debit cards (after the preview) I assume they will have a different number so we will have to update anyone that has that (e.g. Spotify); but I assume our account number will stay the same.

Gotta catch 'em all — The Monzo Current Account Preview testing challenge 🏆
(Mark Edmonds) #2

Yeah, account numbers will stay the same. As with any other bank, the card number will change.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Exactly :slight_smile: Although apparently @richard3 has exciting plans to one day be able to replace cards without having to change card numbers (I know no more than that) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I wonder whether that’s linked to this at all :thinking:

(Mark Edmonds) #5

Would be one of the best stand out features! Nothing worse than Barclays randomly sending me a new card and then having to change my stored card details absolutely everywhere!

(Charlie) #6

Will the transaction history be carried over from the Preview account to the Current Account?

(Dan Woodhouse) #7

Visa have this feature - when Santander replaced my card the number automatically updated at some major online retailers (e.g Amazon)

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