Milk deliveries 🥛

Anyone using one :eyes: and what are you ordering?

Just recently started using Modern Milkman (other companies are available :upside_down_face:). It’s nice to be getting milk in glass bottles, can even get oat milk in glass, it’s the best fresh stuff I’ve ever used an all.

It’s pretty handy been able to use an app to set up a regular delivery. Certainly costs more than the supermarkets, but helps in paying a fair price to farmers and other suppliers. Plus the bonus of less waste in regards to packaging.

My usual order is oat milk, milkshakes, eggs and a sourdough loaf. One offs of butter, cheese and oats. Slowly working my way around all the range to see what I’ll continue ordering. Not found anything I don’t like yet though.

Quite a wide selection of things to choose from tbf. Bacon section has recently appeared but nothing in that yet, must be a monzo :soon:


We used to do the same, until deliveries started getting missed, don’t know who we used. Now just buy it at the supermarket again


Use to use milk & more until milk got to double the price of supermarkets


They don’t serve my area, it kind of loops around me :sweat_smile:

As someone on my own I can hack the prices at least, it’s more than I’d pay at a supermarket that’s for sure, but minimal impact on my budgets.

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Didnt someone make a thread about this already? I feel like ive seen it somewhere.

Ive never actually looked into these types of deliveries or the service considering I live like 200ft away from a shop but I guess there are some benefits right?


I get and collect mine directly from the farm - 50p a pint and I get to say hello to Dave whenever I pick it up!

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I’d mentioned in the black Friday sales post I’d bought a cooler box to store milk deliveries in, so might be from that :eyes:

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If I had the time I’d probably drive to one, but working all hours, it’s not really an option. Although once in the farm I don’t think I’d leave as I’d just want to play with all the animals :rofl:

You can go 24 hours a day at hours - fridge is open to anybody and there’s an honesty box in the corner!

I tend to go at 3am though when they’re bottling up and have a chat. Thankfully the animals are all asleep at that time :rofl:


We used to have doorstep delivery of milk and orange juice but had to stop as the dogs were set off in “intruder” mode at about 04:30. Not good for us or neighbours. R-

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I’ve used Milk and More a few times. I had a regular service from them last year for about 6 months, but I just found that my ‘milk’ usage wasn’t standardised enough to be able to work out the right schedule for what to order (some weeks, I’d run out and have to buy more, other weeks I’d be pouring gone-off milk down the sink).

Milk and More are definitely working on the ‘More’ part now and marketing their sustainablity. On a different thread someone ‘Good Club’ - a ‘plastic free’ refills for things like pasta, rice and also household stuff like washing up liquid, cleaners etc. Good Club has now become Dizzie ( and they’re a partner for Milk and More so you can order many of their products through Milk and More now.

As someone else has mentioned though - you do pay a premium for everything you buy through them. It’s more ‘M+S price’ rather than ‘Lidl’ price…

To compare prices specifically -
1pt of Semi Skimmed from Milk and More is £1.12, at Tesco it’s 95p
250g of Spreadable Trewithen Dairy Butter is £2.75, 500g of Lurpak Spreadable at Tesco is £4.46 (£2.23 for 250g)
1pt of M+M Orange Juice is £1.60 (28p/100ml), 1ltr of Tesco Fresh Orange juice £1.45 (14p/100ml)

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I’ll have to look at what they stock later on, having a quick browse though, number 4 concerns me

Sending a delivery person the next day to collect the empties. Granted most delivery routes via DPD / Evri might be passing my house, but it’s an additional delivery / detour to just pick up some empty containers.

Pint of milk for my delivery is either £0.95 or £1.00 if it’s free range
Butter is £2.45 for 250g
Juice I don’t buy but had a look, it’s £1.50 for a pint I’m assuming it’s pasteurised as fresh it’s £2.25 a pint

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This is the box the Dizzie stuff comes in - so you can understand why they want to collect it afterwards. Everything inside the box was protected in cardboard boxes or wrapped in brown paper - no single use plastic anywhere.

It was dropped off by DPD with no issues.

Surprise surprise, no sign of the Evri pickup yesterday but got an email from Dizzie this morning saying Evri will attempt to pick it up again on Monday. For the record, I just left the box outside the front door all yesterday so the Evri delivery guy wouldn’t have had to even knock on the door to pick it up.

In that box I had a bottle of the Fig hand wash, a box of laundry tablets, and refills of washing up gel and also qualified for their free ‘refill starter pack’ (basically - 3 glass jars - 2ltr, 1ltr and 350ml and an ‘easy refill’ funnel).

Not sure if I’d bought less (or didn’t get the free glass jars which were the largest thing in the box) if I’d get a smaller box, or if it’s just a standard size for all orders.

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I’ve used boxes like that for internal deliveries at work. They’re practically indestructible and can last years, so it’s no wonder they want them back.

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Yeah not sold on the idea tbf, it’s just adding in another unnecessary delivery to collect an empty box. If it was a case of you pay a deposit as security for it, and then they collect it at the next delivery instead, I’d prob be all in.


Unfortunately Milk and More dont deliver to my area.

I like the idea of these things but these prices are a lot higher than other retailers which is rightly so I suppose given their smaller businesses and arent just mass producing things.

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I’m the same, I like the idea but I’m not paying over £1 for a pint of milk!


Our milkman is a little more expensive than supermarkets, but paying the farmers a decent amount is worth it*.

I don’t get glass bottles as they only deliver maximum twice a week and the fridge isn’t really big enough. I would if they did daily… but I think that era is dead… even this milkman is part of a large national dairy, rather than the local bloke with a van who delivered during my childhood.

  • hence they’re never run out of eggs - indeed they’re pushing them at the moment - because unlike supermarkets they’re not trying to force farmers to sell at a loss
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For too long supermarkets have used milk and eggs to get customers through the doors, selling them cheap and paying peanuts to farmers.

A large proportion of the population have no idea what it costs to produce that milk going into the cereal or how little a farmer actually gets for it.

Meanwhile supermarket profits get bigger, shareholders get richer, the farmers struggle to cover the bills.

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