Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

My wife signed up tonight (that makes it sound far more like she wanted to, rather than me convincing her to).

Gearing up for testing out the joint account!

Back to subscriptions… Can’t beat Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Also software subscriptions - I’m actually a fan (1Password, Ulysses, Bear Notes).


:+1: lmk which one is better, but I’m unlikely to switch because it’s alot more expensive

Drat, looks like daysoft won’t do toric lenses for astigmatism :frowning:

Edit: Waldo either

Just ordered a month of daysoft.


I use Cornerstone for my Shaving stuff, which is quite good, and they seem to be expanding to cover all sorts of bathroom stuff as well now

I’ve been using Naked Wines for a while now, and really like that, especially their annual tasting tours where they bring over all of their wine makers for you to meet.

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Razorsbydorco.co.uk for razor blades. Dorco make the blades for dollar shave club, so same blades but for less.

Have just signed up for the Smol trial too. Looks like a good deal

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Is there a good monthly wear contact lens subscription? I pay £20.50 a month with VisionExpress at the moment - that includes eye tests and contact lense health checks, plus I can pretty much ask for spares in store whenever.

I think it would be cheaper to order them online myself and pay for tests but Vision Express obscure the brand names and I cant really tell what I should be ordering.

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Used to be that Vision express ordered Acuvue lenses (at least, that’s what they gave me for daily disposable lenses).

I bought 3 x 60 Fairy pods a few months ago = 180 total for £28.42.
Minus £4.99 Dash button discount = £23.43.

But even without the discount that was 0.157888889p per pod.
The smol ones are pretty cheap at 0.160416667p per pod, but still more expensive than Fairy.

I like buying as many as I can fit into my tiny London apartment if it means I don’t have to think about it again for a while.

My thing with Smol is that I’m hoping I’ll never have to think about it again.

I pay them a small amount of money. They send me pods that fit through the letterbox once a month. Job done.


I think they use CooperVision Biofinity for me/monthly. Looks like I can pay £22 - and that covers 3 months :dizzy_face:

I’ve worked out that I’d be saving £100 a year if I ordered online. That factors in the cost for eye health tests and contact lens aftercare. Crazy.

I used to love the pods, but found that we’d end up with a big lump of gunk on clothes and in the rim of the washing machine, which we assumed was the fault of the pods

Use the gel now, which (I think) is the same stuff in the pods

To your house?

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This thread has been super helpful. Just signed up for a trial of both Smol and Who Gives A whatwasitnow?

Also considering leaving Waldo for Daysoft after seeing the price! The difference in price between them alone could finance bamboo for my butt. Bamboo for my butt.



Only thing is Daysoft doesnt have any kind of trial, and when I emailed them to ask about it I got a very roundabout answer, which doesn’t make much sense at all…

For anyone wondering what it was:

Contact lenses are classed as Medical Devices and to ensure that we supply the lenses which are appropriate to your needs, we ask all customers to complete a website order. During the order process, you confirm a certain amount of required information. For that reason, we do not simply send out trial lenses.

I mean…I wasn’t just expecting them to send me some generic lenses I can’t see through anyway. I would fill out the necessary information like I had to from Waldo

I’ve gone back to ask if I could just order 1 box instead of two, but I’m expecting another crazy response at this point.


My latest box of Butt Bamboo arrived yesterday. The packaging is just so glam as well. Certainly adds a touch of class to my WC.

Was having a think about the other things I use… Including some online services.

  • iVPN - for protecting my internet use (other VPNs are available).
  • Google Hosting for my domain.
  • Chapar - for a mens clothing delivery thing. You fill in an online survey about your style, and you get sent a super expensive box of clothes, and you send back what you don’t want (which ended up being most of them).
  • Katie Leamon do a stationary by post offering if you’re a stationary hoarder!
  • Haven’t tried this, but a friend set up “Monthlies” - service for your routine tampon / pad
  • For gifts or pampering “Mask Time” is a Korean face mask subscription - very popular with my SO.

As you can see I have a “things coming monthly by post” problem. May be bigger than my “enjoys signing up for new bank accounts” problem.


I take it we’re all agreed on Butt Bamboo being canon now?


To be honest I think they’re missing a trick in their marketing for it.

I can recommend Pact Coffee and, if you’re a dog lover, Butternut Box. I’ve found both to be excellent with regard to both products and service.

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