Waiting to Make Initial Card Topup


Hi I’ve just received a notification saying my card is ready (yay!) and I don’t get paid until Monday so don’t want to put my deposit down til then, will my card be reserved?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Yes it will, once you’re at the top of the queue you can wait as long as you like before you activate the card (although you’re missing out in the meantime :wink:)


Ah brilliant! Thanks. Yeah I know, damn pay day being so far away…

(Colin Robinson) #4

Sooner it’s activated the sooner you will see the spending graph as, as far as I know, you need a months worth of data to trigger it?

(Jake Hill) #5

Yeah that’s right :sunglasses: The graph is pretty cool I have to admit but it’s only available on iOS I think, correct me if I’m wrong though…:thinking:

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Yes that’s correct, it’s on the roadmap for the Android app here.


Just on the note of the graph… as mentioned above it needs a full calendar month of data. Now if you top up and get the card ordered by 3:30pm on Monday it should be with you on Tuesday, which is the 1st Aug so make sure you use it on that day for something, otherwise you’ll be waiting even longer.


Hi everyone!

A friend shared Monzo with me and I love it! Very lucky that I have a golden ticket from her.

Have activated it and I’m top of the que, and it will be sent out to me once I have topped up the £100… but!!!

I can’t quite afford to top it up until the 15th of September when I get paid!

How long do I have until I lose my opportunity to top it up?

Thanks for all your help!


You have as much time as you need.

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