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Hey all Monzo community!

I have today signed up for a prepaid card which I am intending to move all money that’s not ringfenced for bills on a monthly basis to help budget and start to pay down credit cards and overdrafts etc.

I did not realise that you have to top up immediately with 100 pounds. I will not be able to do that until payday next week, What will happen in the meantime will my application be reversed?

Hoping not


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nope you will still retain your place at the top of the queue - when you get to your payday just load your card and your Monzo card will be dispatched to you within about two days

(Rachel) #3

Thanks for the speedy reply! looking forward to joining Monzo :slight_smile:

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And it’s not actually a deposit - it’s your money to spend as you see fit or withdraw immediately via ATM. :slight_smile:
It costs :monzo: to produce these so it’s one way of weeding out people who aren’t going to do the beta testing for them.

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That’s fair! - Fully intent on using as my main spending card … just need the ££££ first :smiley:


This sounds exactly like my first encounter with Monzo, reached the top of the queue but still a week before payday. Pro tip: bribing customer services to send you a card anyway does not work. :joy:

(Rachel) #7

Hehehe just as well as I only have peanuts right now

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Okay, as a helpful community we hereby promise you that if you use Monzo, then at the similar amount of days before payday, your amount of peanuts will double. :joy: :crossed_fingers: Welcome to the Monzo Community though! :slight_smile:

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