Initial Top Up

(James Hewett) #1

Why is the initial top up £100? I know very little about Mondo but have had my interested tweaked by a number of online articles. However paying £100 for something i don’t even have yet (the card or useable app) and don’t know if is useable feels like a bit of a gamble?

Transferring 100£
(Jay) #2

You’re not paying, you can use the full £100 on the Mondo card just like your debit card for regular purchases.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

I think Mondo wants you to use the card rather than you not topping the card up once you’ve received it and have it sit in your drawer, which I think is fair enough . Whilst I appreciate £100 is a lot of money it is well worth it , it is still your money to use as soon as you receive and activate your card, and you will find like most on here, that it replaces any other debit card they may have.
I have had mine since Christmas and now use no other card, Ive used it for my day to day expenses, eating out , pubs, supermarkets and Holiday spending with no problems , out of maybe 200 transactions only 3 have been delayed transactions where the amount spent hasn’t been immediately shown on my phone.

(John Mapley) #4

We’re preparing for beta testing our app where I work, and one of the pieces of advice we’ve heard many times is that testers give much more detailed and useful feedback if they’ve made a personal commitment to testing the product, and if it was somewhat difficult to get in.

Limited availability (with queueing system) and required initial topup seem like pretty good way to achieve this.

(James Hewett) #5

Fair point. Do you guys know roughly how long does it take to get the card after the initial top up is made?

(Stuart Cameron) #7

Next day normally! (Depending on Royal Mail)

(James Hewett) #8

Finally took the plunge and made my first top up. Looking forward to getting my card asap


If you topped up before 4 pm on a day, you should receive it the next day. They send your card through Royal mail 1st class.

(James Hewett) #10

Got my card! Used it for the first time yesterday. Am going to reserve judgement until i have been using it for a few weeks. Great sign up process.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

hows the card going James after two weeks of use ?

(Kamran) #12

Hi guys, received my card today and just activated it but I can’t see the initial £100 I topped up.

(Alex Sherwood) #13

Hey Kamran, unfortunately Monzo had an outage earlier today which is probably why your balance is incorrect. If you contact the support team via the in-app chat or Twitter, they’ll be able to confirm that the money is in your account.

(Kamran) #14

Hi Alex,

Looks like it’s shown up now.

Many thanks guys


(Hanga Benigna Klausz) #15


I downloaded the app and got on the waiting list,waited a few weeks and now the app says there’s 0 people in front of me. But I can’t do my initial topup. I can’t do anything in the app. It just shows the waiting list and asks me to invite friends to bump myself up the queue but there’s no-one in front of me. There’s no other button or anything. How do I get my card then?


(Colin Robinson) #16

Prepaid card is now closed, :monzo: are moving approx. 450k onto the Current account and when that is complete newcomers should be able to apply :slight_smile:

(Hanga Benigna Klausz) #17

oh well, it would be great to get a notification of that…
but also do you know roughly when that happends? :slight_smile:

(Tony Hoyle) #18

I’ve heard end of November but I guess it’s quite fluid. There are plans to update the apps to be clearer about the status of the queue.

(Hanga Benigna Klausz) #19

cool cool! Thanks! I don’t mind the wait that much right now but it would be easier to sort my finances if I got all the important information through the app!!! :smiley: