Card topup

I tried topping up my card early this morning but the money still hasn’t gone on my card. It is now 4:00, is this normal?

Which method did you use to top up? Bank transfer will take a little longer than Apple Pay/Debit Card top up

I used bank transfer. There isn’t a card payment option yet on Android.

The top up page says it usually happens within 1 working day, so I guess it still counts as “normal” :slight_smile:

In other threads they’ve said said bank transfer has to be credited to cards manually which happens at about 11am. I don’t know whether this has changed since then, however.

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Yup, if you do it before 10/11am, you should get it very quickly! :slight_smile:

morning, i’ve set up a standing order for a monthly top-up with all the various details set for the 1st of every month. as the 1st April was a weekend, i was expecting it to hit my account on monday. Monday has arrived and my balance is still the same and the top up hasnt happened. this can’t be right. have i missed something here?

I would have thought a staff member would need to either manually credit bank transfers or run some sort of process to credit the bank transfers to the correct monzo accounts. As it is not yet the start of the working week they would not have done this yet. I would check back in a few hours!

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right, cheers for that.

us early birds and all that!!!

It does take up until midday or even the early afternoon. Keep watching.

Also, are you sure you attached the correct reference number? If you didn’t then you should contact support.

yeah i’ve attached the correct referrence number. nothing has still come through though.

i might have to contact the support team