Waiting Time

(Andy Little) #1

I have a friend who I will be travelling to Japan with at the beginning of February, he is currently on the waiting list. Does anyone know roughly what the current waiting time for a card is?

(Zainab Khan) #2

Hey Andy! The current waiting time is 1-2 weeks. The cards ship out really fast so you’re friend should have the card in time for his trip to Japan! :slightly_smiling_face:

New Card Delivery Time
(George Baldwin) #3


I’ve only just found out about Monzo through a friend. I’m going to Spain next week and I was wondering if the card would arrive before then, I’m going on 11th August so I’m not sure if that’s possible… How long do they take? I’d still be interested in the card, but it’s mainly to use on my holiday.


(Alex Sherwood) #4

Hello George,

The waiting time is typically 1-2 weeks but if you want to speed the process up, you can always grab a golden ticket from here :slight_smile:

If you do, you’ll definitely have the card by the 11th :beach_umbrella:

(George Baldwin) #5

Thanks Alexs, I’ll go from there :slight_smile: