Just signed up but I am travelling in less than 2 weeks 😬


Just signed up after reading some great reviews about Monzo. Only problem is I am traveling in less than 2 weeks. I was hoping to have card before flying. Any idea how long it will take to get my card?

Otherwise, I have to go to plan B and my current bank🙁

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If you grab a golden ticket from here, you’ll be able to skip the queue. Then your card will be sent out tomorrow, 1st class :zap:

Have a great holiday & while you’re here, I’d recommend checking out the #travelling topic for the country(s) that you’re visiting, to get tips from other Monzo users on using your card there.

PS - if you could share your user number here, when you receive your card, I’d really appreciate it :pray: Monzo’s getting close to having 300k users now! :smiley:


Hi Alexs
Sorry to be a pain, but I have clicked on the link, but not sure how to grab the golden ticket. Can you help?

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I’ll send you a direct message now.

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