Help! Travelling around Italy!

Hi everyone!

I’m travelling around Italy for 2 weeks starting Saturday and I have only just ordered my Monzo card last night (late I know!) … Does anyone have any info on usually how long the cards take to arrive once ordered? Thanks for your help

Hi @Stuartlennon :wave:

Cards usually arrive within 2 days (but can take up to 5) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much… Fingers crossed it comes before I leave then!

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Is there anyway to pay a little extra to get the card quicker does anyone know? Thank you

No, sorry. Hopefully you’ll get it on time :crossed_fingers:

Banks usually say 3-5 business days, mine arrived within this time frame.

I’ve seen people say that Monzo sent their cards via expedited delivery before but since you’ve already ordered yours it’s probably too late now.