Waiting time for a new card


What is the current waiting time for a new card?


Hey Elman! We’re shipping cards pretty fast right now so the waiting time should be about 1-2 weeks :slight_smile: Or do you mean for a replacement card if you already have one now?

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Hey Tristan,
I have just installed the app and can’t wait till a try the Monzo card. I don’t remember giving you my delivery address.


I’ve also just joined the queue today and was wondering the same thing :+1:

I assume more details (delivery address) will be taken when the cards are ready and we have to make the initial deposit onto the card.

Yup, exactly :slight_smile: We’ll confirm all details before posting the card!

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I applied for a new card in saru October but my waiting
Number is still 7k
I was wond ring how long it will take before I get my hands on the card given it’s already been six weeks

Monzo are currently converting prepaid card account into current accounts. When that is done, they’ll begin offering current accounts to those on the waiting list. From what I’ve read on the forums, I think it’ll be either end of December or early next year.

So a bit longer to wait, I’m afraid. :alarm_clock:

I was amazed by the speed of converting a pre-paid to current account.

I did the upgrade steps in the app on Wednesday lunchtime, the card had already arrived when I got home from work on Friday.