Wages not pending but sent from employer

So I have spoken to my employer twice today and they have confirmed all my details with me which are correct and confirmed they have processed my wages as normal.

Every Thursday I usually can see them from the morning, today I’ve not seen anything. Spoke to one your employees who explained that even though it’s not showing, it should still be available by 4pm?

Can I confirm this is correct as I have bills that need paying this week.

This is nothing to do with Monzo. They’ll show it when they can.

Your employer is probably wrong/lying/delayed. You shouldn’t rely on getting paid early, you can go back to your employer if you haven’t been paid by your normal pay day but until then you need to sit tight and wait.


Sometimes for no reason known to us, my Wife’s employer will random do a month via faster payments rather than BACS, maybe the same has happened here?


This happens more often than you think with some smaller employers (they will fob you off with “yes it’s paid by BACS” and your payslip may show the same, but its not always this way).

If it’s not visible, it’s not paid by bacs.


My employer is a huge international company. I’ve never had any issues until today. It’s strange

I’ve not said I’m relying on it being paid early? My normal pay day is tomorrow. My problem is that it’s not displaying on my bank. My employer isn’t lying or wrong as I’ve received payslip which proves my wages have been processed.

A payslip is just telling you what to expect, it may not have been processed bank end.

Worst case is you’re paid tomorrow, usually just after midnight.


If you’re desperate to know if your wages have been processed, I often log in to the HMRC app and can see from there.

I’m aware, but that’s only part of it, and doesn’t exclusively mean it’s been sent to the bank to process.

It’s two different processes, though usually linked as we expect and have become accustomed to, a payment could be handled outside of the payroll.

Do you have previous employer payments shown as transactions in your Monzo account feed - for example, the one made in February?

If you do, tap on it. Do you see a section at the bottom titled ‘Your history with [insert company name]’?

I too work for a mega international corp. Most of the time, I see my upcoming wage by 10am the working day before payday, but it has (on the rare occasion) been 3:30pm before it has shown.
Banking systems are not perfect, and delays can happen occasionally for a variety of reasons, and likely out of Monzo’s or your employer’s control. If Payday is Friday, then as long as the money appears in your account by the end of the day tomorrow, then you have nothing to worry about.

I would suggest you just sit tight and be patient.


I’m not sure there is an issue yet. You’re anticipating a problem that hasn’t arisen.

Come back tomorrow and let us know if you got paid


I’m paid weekly so I have multiple of them. But I don’t see a history button no?

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That’s (kind of) good - those previous ones have been BACS payments then (submitted to bank 3 days before payday, Monzo shows them as upcoming transactions, possible to claim at 4pm the working day before payday). If you have the ‘history’ section at the bottom, it was made by the Faster Payments method (instant receipt, no advanced notification or get-paid-early feature)

Why ‘kind of’ - well, if the employer has previously paid using BACS, then this week looks off. You should have the greyed-out (upcoming) entry in the feed by now, if payday is tomorrow.
So you’re either not being paid this week, or the employer will pay tomorrow via the Faster Payments method.

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So until tomorrow you have nothing to worry about.

This doesn’t prove anything.

This is nothing to do with your bank. It’s all with your employer, but as you don’t get paid until tomorrow, that’s when you should raise the issue.

Less than 12 hours isn’t really worth the worry, stress or trying to find out why.

Did your money arrive ?


I think they’d need a crystal ball to answer that one.



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I too am sitting on pins & needles.

Hi guys,

Sorry for my late update. My wages were ready for me yesterday. Seems it may have been a glitch/issue with the app.