Pay Day on Monday


I’m relatively new to Monzo and just had a question about wekeend payments.

If I’m due to be paid my salary on Monday will this show in my bank on saturday? I know Monzo has paid early for BACS but my employer uses Faster payments to pay me.


Hi. Welcome.

If your employer uses faster payments you won’t get it any quicker.

As you are paid by faster payment sadly no :frowning:

If I’m paid via BACS and my payday is monday can I get it any earlier?

You would get it on Friday at 4pm

It will show in grey at the top of your feed if it’s available. Then you should be able to click it and get it early (as from now, as it’s gone 4pm now).

I get my universal credit thru bacs. Mine was due Monday. I cashed it out like half hr ago

I’m paid through BACS and grabbed mine about an hour ago :grimacing::money_with_wings:

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