Recommended SIM Only Mobile Contracts?

Hello fellow MonzoBots.

At the beginning of December my current mobile phone contract ends, and I am looking to get on the SIM only train. Now you lot are the cool, ahead-of-the-trend, shredding the gnar of the tech-wave types, so I thought I would ask if there are any companies offering SIM only contracts that I should look out for?

I’m a data guy who phones his maw once or twice a week (awwwww), and the odd call to make appointments ect. Very low talk usage. 99% data. The sweet spot I have in my head is 6GB data for £15 a month. I don’t really want to pay more than £15 unless there is an amazing reason to, and I would never go above 6GB of data.

So MonzoNaughts, is there a company outwith the “Big Four” that I should be casting an eye over?


I always hear good things about GiffGaff, looks like they’ve got an 8GB plan for £15.

I think they run on the O2 network, too, so will be pretty decent coverage :+1:


Try ID mobile.


I would say 6gb for £15 is too expensive, reckon you can do better than that. I would look through topcashback etc and see what deals are about.

I’m on Three - unlimited everything for £26 and never had an issue. (I go through about 20gb a month on mobile data)


I’d recommend moving onto something that doesn’t lock you in, at least until you’ve checked out the Black Friday and Christmas deals.

Hotukdeals often has interesting plans to check out.

Remember that MVPs often don’t get the same access to the network that the owners do.


Black Friday deals right around the corner. Last year I got £13.85 per month for unlimited texts, minutes and 20gb of data with EE.

I’d suggest waiting until then if you can.


Im on 3 personally and I get Unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 30GB of data for £18 for SIM only.


Look on uswitch, they find really good deals for you.

got my phone for £50 / month instead of £70 with the same company lol

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Oooh, nice! I’m on O2 at the moment, but thinking of switching to EE. Always got half an eye out on their deals.

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Very good advice. I managed to get unlimited minutes, texts and AYCE Data with Three for £11 per month!


Definitely suggest waiting for Black Friday deals, they’re a great chance to save money on a decent data deal.

In the meantime, it’s worth researching network coverage, find out which networks are good where you will be using your phone and which ones aren’t. That’ll help you pick the right deal.

For example, it’s all well and good saving money and getting great customer service on giffgaff, but if O2 network coverage is terrible around you (which it was for me) then you know to discard them as an option early doors.


Thanks folks, you’se are the best <3

Black Friday is in November right? My contract finishes on 4th December, so that might be perfect.

I’m on Three currently. Absolutely no issues with them, but I’m right smack bang in Glasgow, so I don’t suspect I’ll have an issue with any supplier.

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving (which is the 3rd Thursday of November I believe).

Typically… the UK online stores start offering “deals” from around mid November through to “Cyber Monday” - Which is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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I have started using Smarty starts off at £7.5 a month up to £15 and refunds you what data you don’t use. It’s been costing me around £8, £9 a month. I’m well happy with it

If anyone wanted to join with my referal link we both get a month free


Thanks Ben, looks interesting. I like the simplicity. I’ll keep them in mind when I’m looking at deals around Black Friday.

No worries, if you can find anything better then by all means go for it!

I’d also wait it out for Cyber Monday if nothing is too appealing on Black Friday

Do you have Sky? If you do, Sky Mobile might be a good option!
Any unused data goes into a piggybank for you to use for up to three years :slight_smile:

+1 for Three. I’ve done a ton of data on their “all you can eat” package (>100GB) with no issues. For £24, which is what I’m now paying on a rolling contract, it’s pretty good. I pay more for ADSL2…


I find 3 tend to be best value wise if that’s any help.
Currently pay £13 a month for 8gb data, unlimited mins and texts.


It’s always a good idea to call your current provider and see what they can offer. My current deal with EE is 25gb of data and unlimited minutes and texts for £16 a month on a 12 month contract.

The best way to get a good deal with EE (in my experiance) is to call up, request your PAC, knock back their offer on the phone and within a few days they will call you with a fantastic deal.