Vodafone check failed after Full Switch

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Just wanted to ask the following to the community as I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

So a few months ago I became a Monzo plus member and loved it. The app is amazing, analytics good and the support was quick. I then decided to do a full switch from my existing bank account that I had for years over to Monzo as I trusted the company and what it stood for.

A couple of months after the switch I went into a major high street shop and wanted to get a mobile phone contract. My credit score is perfect, I have had a credit card for years, had mobile phone contracts in the past no problem at all etc etc.

The credit check ended up declining because the bank I was with was Monzo and this is the only bank account I had open. As the bank doesn’t refer to all credit reference agencies I failed the check because apparently I don’t have a UK bank account that is open (the only credit reference agency that would say I do is TransUnion that not many people use - not Experian or the major ones).

My question for everyone is how on earth can you use Monzo as your only bank account if you can’t get something as simple as a mobile phone contract and why would a bank with 2.5 million members not report to all credit reference agencies when it is such a vital thing?

Appreciate the read if you got this far and I look forward to hearing your responses.


Sounds like it’s more the fault of the company you tried getting a mobile phone contract from, in my opinion. If they want to ensure you have a UK bank account, then they should either ask for proof (like a bank statement) or check all 3 CRA’s – or use the former as a fallback if the latter fails.


Welcome to the forum Alex. Interesting question and not one I’d considered. Many organisations offering credit only use one CRA but as you say, Experian and Equifax are the two best known and most widely used. Each lender (or in this case mobile phone company) will have their own criteria for acceptance. I’m not sure how common it is to check specifically for a current account on the credit check; I know Monzo only appeared on my Transunion credit report when I opened an overdraft facility with them in any case. Have you tried other providers to see if they’ll offer based on your credit history (assuming you have other credit accounts such as credit cards) and debit card/bank statement as proof of current account?

Have to say we still have a legacy joint account in addition to our Monzo one, for the security of the joint account overdraft facility they offer, but it also has the advantage of showing on my Experian report.

I had no problems getting a phone from EE at all. My credit score has been very bad for a long time but EE offered me 3 lines of credit immediately. Sounds like the company is being a pain

I bet it was vodafone. They have been known to not accept monzo cards as proof of identity also.

Yes Monzo should be submitting to Experian and Equifax. It costs them but they shouldn’t be skimping now they have millions of customers. It’s been mentioned in forums for well over a year, they were meant to be doing it but it keeps getting put on the back burner.

Vodafone is a pain. I found out recently it does a full hard credit check on just broadband and submits it as Mobile Phone to CRAs.


I completed my bankruptcy in December 2018, Monzo is my only bank account and in February managed to get 3 x Three mobile contracts, granted I am an existing customer for years with a sim only deals never with a phone, also the bankruptcy wasn’t marked as completed with Experian and Equifax until June, I know this as I had to submit the completion documentation to both of the CRA’s

It was just quite strange to experience that just because it’s a bank that doesn’t report to all credit reference agencies that I would fail a credit check. It definitely put me off of Monzo though as you would have thought they would report to all of them considering they’re a bank? Why would they skimp on something as important as this?

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I totally understand, but I shouldn’t have to ask whether this is possible when it should just work as Monzo is a major UK bank?


and there lies the answer. No phone being purchased, so no loan being applied for.

Many forget that, when they enter a mobile phone contract, it often consists of two elements; a loan for the purchase of the phone, and an air-time (sim) contract.

The credit check is likely to be in relation to the former, in the main, as they are effectively £800-£1000 loans for purchase of a phone over 24/36 months.

SIM only deals are fairly low risk as they can just cut you off and pursue the small debit (in comparison to a phone).

Sorry should have been clearer, I was sim only till feb this year, got 2 x iPhone XR and iPhone 7 for myself a family members :wink:

I’ve never had any problems getting Credit and I only have a Monzo account. My account shows on Transunion without an overdraft so you don’t need one for it to show.


Which shop?

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Carphone Warehouse

Was it for a vodafone contract though?

Yes it was a Vodafone sim only contract - even so, for a bank of 2.5 million people why should we have to worry about something like this?


I couldn’t agree more, monzo (in my opinion) should be reporting to all credit reference agencies.


Always surprises me that a company who want to make money from people cba to check all 3 CRAs


Even so, for a phone company of >2.5 million people why should we have to worry about this?

Yes but normal banks wouldn’t have this issue would they as they report to all credit reference agencies? Why should we have any limitations over choosing Monzo over a high street bank when it has this many customers? Especially that Monzo is saying that they are better than the high street banks etc.

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