My disappointment as an almost new user (living in Europe)


I was about to be a new Monzo user. I downloaded the Android app around December 2016, and signed up to queue. After weeks of patient & anxious waiting to be the next one to fully register on Monzo/claim a card, I was surprised with the following message:

That made me quite angry. Not the fact that the card is not available here, but because I signed up to a waiting list and had the expectation that I would be able to claim the card. Well, I guess in the end I have to wait even more, till Monzo supports my country…

The aim of this feedback is warn the Monzo team that they should let the users know in advance that Monzo is not right now available in their country. Otherwise, it will cause false expectations, just like what happened to me.

Waiting list question
(Terry) #2

That’s a good point. I think that it should prevent users from other country’s from signing up until it’s near completion and to make this clear.

I haven’t tried to access Monzo from other app stores but maybe set it so it’s only available from the UK App Store :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey @oxygen, thanks for this feedback! It’s really helpful :slight_smile: I totally get this was really bad for you and we need to fix it. We’ve already made it clearer but will do the same on Android too soon.

Sorry again and thank you for being so kind in your feedback. It really helps us!

Is Monzo still UK only?
Card Availability Geo-limited, don't hold your breath!
Card Availability Geo-limited, don't hold your breath!
(Alex P.) #4

The honest thing would be to make it clear somewhere in the ‘About/FAQ’ sections in all your channels (including the app/stores).

I was wondering about any limitations on opening a Monzo account from outside UK, I read the terms & conditions and the only limitation I could spot was (the age restriction) then the opentubes and the Monzo community) to see if there are any onboarding restrictions. This, on the Trello board made me suspect that at the moment registration is limited to British citizens.

(Alexander Webster) #5

I think Monzo need to make it absolutely clear to would be subscribers that their card is only available to residents of the United Kingdom to avoid wasting peoples time. And disallow download of their Ap to non UK telephone numbers.


Yes and No.

Yes to let them know it is only for UK residents
No to only being able to do so with a UK phone number

No reason why a UK resident can’t use it with a US or European phone number, it is only the residency that matters!

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Hey Alexander, I’ve moved your topic here as there’s a comment from Tristan acknowledging the issue earlier in this topic. It looks like Monzo are working on this :+1:

(Alexander Webster) #8

Great, just unfortunate that there isn’t evidence of clarity in that regard
comparable to Monzo’s T&C section. There is no mention of this to be seen

(Alexander Webster) #9

Why on earth would a UK resident want or even require a US phone number?
Doesn’t make sense. Or even an Irish one for that matter?

(Alexander Webster) #10

Why was it necessary to move the topic from community?

(Alexander Webster) #11

Some clarity is necessary, there is no mention whatsoever that Monzo was only available to UK residents, therefore a download should not be made available to non UK telephone numbers as has been the case.


The problem is not download to non UK numbers but not being geolocked in the store and not having a clear message in the app details about it’s intended customer base


A UK resident may travel regularly on business or be resident in two countries and hence have a non UK phone number. That should not prevent them from having an account with Monzo.

(Alexander Webster) #14

Why was I denied then with an Irish Vodafone number, did Monzo assume that I was a non UK resident?

(Alexander Webster) #15

One cannot for legal reasons be resident in two countries, it’s just not possible, no more than it is possible to be in two places at the same time, so I don’t know where you dug that one up !

(Alexander Webster) #16

Is there a reason for the non transparency, is it something to do with the crowd funding?


It is possible to legally have residences in more than one country and to pay tax in both jurisdictions. While there are dual taxation agreements between certain countries to prevent paying tax twice, certain countries such as France have legislation based not on residence but citizenship and can continue to be liable for French tax after relocating outside France.

There are also people living seasonally in their homes in different countries such as UK and Spain, and people living in border areas with properties on their land in different countries. How you can say it is not legal to live in multiple countries, as that is a factually incorrect claim.

(Herp Derp) #18

I have resident visa in Dubai, Bank account and UAE phone number etc so I am resident there and resident here.

(Robert) #19

You are spot on Oxygen. Your post was on 2nd of Jan and more recent posts about this matter are into 11th of March, so we are talking about 10 weeks or 2 and a half months and they have not addressed this issue because they don’t want to, only given false apologies.
It’s obvious why they have Not previously declared that their card is Only available to UK residents for this reason. Having downloaded the app they inform you that they cannot send cards out fast enough and then you go on this alleged waiting list. You are then subsequently invited to share more invites to help you get bumped up the alleged ‘Q’. In other words to share your address book which more than likely among your contacts has a number of UK residents. They also get investor interest from non-UK residents. They surreptitiously obtain free contacts and free marketing and then a few weeks later tell you, ‘‘Sorry’’ coming soon to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and so on. In other words it’s a scam that should be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority, it’s as simple as that. And then they try to tell youthat they are an organisation built on transparency. It’s cock and bull and something tells me that this post won’t last too long on here either before it’s deleted but I’ll press on elsewhere because I’m so angry about this.

(Robert) #20

You havn’t fixed anything, it’s still the same. When one enters a number from France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal etc, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not a UK number being applied, so why therefore do you allow that person to download the app? Ask yourself the question; would you like to ‘‘share some more invites’’ to get bumped up the ‘Q’ ?
You are leaving a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths who feel they have been taken for a ride. Now wake up before it comes back to bite you :frowning: