Virtual Cards use cases

Hi all,

Signed up to Monzo Plus, and virtual cards are new to me.

I’m just trying to get my head around other use cases. I appreciate using virtual cards online is perhaps more secure, but I’ve personally (fortunately) have never been a victim of online fraud.

For those who are excited about virtual cards could you share how you intend to use them and benefits?


Convenience will probably be the reason most use it.

Ever lose your card and then have to update a bazillion websites with your new card details?


I like this idea, not having to worry about updating online sites whenever I get a new physical card is quite appealing.

Having them connected to a pot in the long term though will be far more useful for me, allowing any subscriptions to then come out of that pot.


Others have said it but the hope is the ability to link payments made with virtual card to pots.


Or give you the option to link it to Google Pay/Apple Pay instead of ordering a new physical card.

Goes someway of becoming carbon neutral.


I’ve been using them for a while now and here’s how I’ve set them up:

  • Subscriptions - stuff like Netflix and Disney+ go here
  • Trials - particularly helpful for 1 month trials
  • One off - I use this for stuff such as a purchase at a store for gifts where I’m unlikely to buy from them again
  • Groceries - Lockdown has meant a lot more online grocery shopping. It’s quite nice having a card for this
  • PayPal - I still use PayPal occasionally (mostly for eBay). I like the comfort of knowing that this is isolated.

This is all personal - it’s less a suggestion, and more to give an idea of how someone might use them in practice


I have a little pot I save into for my daughter monthly, idea was for any in play spends or
Christmas, just a little pile that’s always
there… if these were linked to pots she could effectively have her own card (for me to shop on her behalf)

at present (and no doubt some nodding parents reading in ) I just buy for her out of my own spends and she wins both ways. which is OK because she is my daughter and I love her :smiley:but the above would be nice.

In general though I like the added
security. even before virtual cards I did
most online stuff with Monzo,including the odd over the phone payment simply
because I know I am notified instantly and am in total control if something does get compromised (this mindset goes back to before big banks had caught up with card freezing etc)


Genuine question - why?

So this is a very specific example - I do group grocery shopping in my household and over the course of the week, we’d add stuff independently and get that delivered together. It’s more convenient than sitting down together to make a list and means you can each add things as they come up.

I have a card attached to that online grocery account and I’d rather that was not my main physical card number :slight_smile:


Ok that makes more sense with the context :+1:

This is all brilliant.

Use cases I hadn’t thought of.

I do like the idea of places I would never shop in again, eBay and not having to re-enter my card details into websites.

+1 on linking to pots - would be great for budgeting too - give myself £100 a month to spend online for example and only use my virtual card.

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far - if there are any more use cases would love to hear them.


Thanks for this thread - I think having a space to discuss the evolution of specific features is really handy.

For me, right now it would look like this:

  • A subscription service card - all my CPA’s that I don’t want to have my main card details - then becomes less effort to manage if I need to stop payments etc.
  • Purely Disposable VCards - for buying things from websites I’m not certain about.
  • A dedicated “Online purhcases” card - given the 5 year expirey, having one Vcard I can link for online use online is handy - and means if my Physical card breaks I have less dealing with refreshing card numbers. (And potentially means I can add a different card number to any online “remember this card” function.

That’s my three for actual uses with the available set of features currently.

What I can imagine in future:

  • IFTTT integrations - If I spend on Card X then Y (regardless of merchant).
  • Independant card freezing if neccesary.
  • Pay from Pots for the subscription types - and being able to tweak that on the fly - it could act as Curve for your own account.
  • More controls that I can associate with different cards - i.e. spending limits, etc.
  • If Apple Pay was possible - things like settling bills or if I had to authorise a card for a tab (if you could do that with AP? not sure) - then I could make a “Night Out” card and leave that as my tab. (not sure in reality)

I do hope more development comes with it and enriches the base features too.


I use my one with Monese for things like Tidal and Now TV trials. I will cancel it with the merchant, but for good measure I’ll do a temporary freeze on the day it’s due, my physical card should still work. I believe with Monzo you can only delete the card. Not doing anything wrong as I’ve given notice and often that isn’t enough with said companies :joy: with them, you can use it with Google pay as well, for free.

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Question - is there a way to see all transactions tied to a virtual card (not made a transaction with one yet). Basically a filter in the transaction feed?


I like online only cards.

And I use IFTTT all the time so would love to see how that is integrated. Outside of pots it is another way of budgeting and not have to move amounts around your pots.

Integration with Apple Pay in that way would be superb. Especially as you can have 5 cards. Love it.

Monzo have the ‘Update card details’ in Monzo Labs, but having all my subscriptions on one virtual card will be much easier

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An example I gave in the other thread was about payments over the phone. Whilst virtual cards don’t (yet) stop you having someone totally rinse your account (although being able to set a spend limit in the future, would be great), they do mean that you don’t have to worry about how the company you’re talking to handle your card data.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since restaurants opened, as down where I’m based we’ve had restaurants hit with up to 50% of their bookings not showing up. Many are starting to consider going down the route of taking a deposit, and the last thing I would want is for the person on the end of the phone to just throw my numbers in some kind of diary.

For this timeline, I’m imagining it to work in three stages:

(1) Place booking, using a new virtual card; (2) Leave it open until the charge is taken; (3) Cancel the card.

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I think this will be a good way around the problem of subscriptions not coming from pots. Once they let you pay from a pot with a certain card.


No :man_shrugging:

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My only concern with having numerous virtual cards is if you happened to become a victim of fraud, would you as the customer be instantly able to tell which card was compromised through the transaction on the app?