Monzo Plus - using virtual cards in store via apple pay?

The info and descriptions of plus state “keep your card details safe by paying online with virtual cards”. I’m enticed by now being able to link virtual cards to separate pots but if it can ONLY be used online then to me it’s not worth it. Could someone clarify please?

You can add virtual cards to apple pay :slight_smile:

Cheers and thus use basically anywhere online AND physically? If so, i’ll sign up :slight_smile:

Anywhere you can use Apple Pay or card details, yes! :slight_smile:

Perfect, Plus here i come. thanks!


Huge disclaimer that you might want to consider also…

You can only have a maximum of 5 cards at one time (for now).

Cheers for the heads up. For my uses i don’t think that’ll be an issue thankfully.

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Also worth noting that to add a virtual card to Apple Pay you need to set the money source as a pot and not your main balance.

Does this matter? The choices given as funding sources for the Virtual Card are the Personal (main) account or any pots under that main account. I find it hard to believe that Apple Pay cares where the VC is funded from in order to add it as a payment?*

*I don’t use Apple Pay, so not 100% sure.

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I’m assuming it’s a Monzo restriction rather than Apple Pay itself, but adding virtual cards to Apple Pay was a feature included with now being able to assign a virtual card to a pot. I’m pretty certain Monzo don’t allow a virtual card to be added to Apple Pay unless it is linked to a pot.

Edit: I’ve just tested it and can confirm that if you create a virtual card with the payment source as your current account main balance, it cannot be added to Apple Pay.


If assume because the physical card already gives you Apple Pay from main balance capability.


Thanks for the clarification! :+1:


I would assume so yeah. Generally there wouldn’t be any benefit of Apple Pay via a virtual card with Monzo if it’s coming from the main personal account balance.

However, it would be useful when you need to replace your physical card if it’s been stolen/lost/compromised, as I think - and I may be wrong here - Monzo doesn’t immediately update the Apple Pay card with the new (not yet delivered to you) physical card details, in which case you would have to use an alternate card for a few days. Some other banks immediately update Apple Pay to the new card details when you request a replacement card. Maybe Monzo have started doing this as well, but I don’t think so.

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I’ve added my virtual cards to my Curve card so I can choose (and go back in time) which virtual card I want to use with my physical Curve card.