Google Pay on Virtual Cards?


I am considering subscribing to Monzo Plus to use virtual cards and the interests.

Genuine question though, can I get Google Pay to work with virtual cards (NOT TALKING ABOUT POTS).

Especially if let’s say my wallet is stolen and there is no way I can make purchases whilst the current physical card is blocked. This is just a scanario, my wallet hasn’t been stolen or lost.

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Yep! I have virtual cards set up in Google Pay.

Edit! I thought I had. But I can’t see them in Google Pay. And I’ve just had a fail when trying to add one :thinking:

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Thank you!

I would like to know though, if the current physical main card in the app is blocked, can payments still work with the virtual card?

My mate had his wallet stolen today and its popped in my head this.

EDIT: Fair enough. May as well not subscribe if the features I want aren’t even available.

Yes, freezing your card wouldn’t impact your virtual card.

Looks like you have to link it to a pot in order to add it to ApplePay, so presume it’s the same for GooglePay.

Thank you but as another user stated you can’t add virtual cards to Google Pay.

Thanks though for the information.

You should be able to, mine are added. Sounds like there’s currently an issue?

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I just don’t want to subscribe only to find out what I’m trying to do doesn’t work.


Yeah, I think @Revels is right: you can add a virtual card to Google Pay if it’s linked to a pot (I see that button in the app).

Virtual cards that aren’t linked to a pot can’t be added to Google Pay.



Actually that might be an option. If let’s say my real bank card was stolen I can just transfer my current balance to the pot of choicd.

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Do you mean by clicking the button in the Monzo app or manually also doesn’t work?

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That might actually be safer. You freeze and replace your main card, then transfer spending money to a pot. You can then only spend that amount while you’re waiting for your new card to arrive.

(It might not work for you but it’s an option).

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Yeah I have a “Bills and Keep” pot, my direct debit for West Midlands Combined Authority and my rental payment aka money so my Mum can have a bit of monthly money from me, as I’m still a student under family roof and on PIP.

There is no button to connect to Google Pay for virtual cards that aren’t linked to pots. That button is there, though, for cards linked to pots.

When I tried to connect a card that isn’t linked to a pot through Google Wallet it errored out on me.

This has worked for me to add to ApplePay, but wants me to call Monzo to verify.

It’s also coral and not the colour I used.

The forum demands this of you!

(I fear it would end in confusion at Monzo’s end and frustration at yours)

I was hoping it would be automated!


Well I just did this and it worked flawlessly!

Now I can pray if my card got stolen or lost my bank account is still usable.

Yeah this is possible, despite it being a fiver per month.

Also, I’m now being asked to order a Holographic card which I am not wanting to use

If I had actually however switched to it and thought MONZO Plus just wasn’t worth it, could I reactivate the old card.

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Nope. Once the old card is deactivated, that’s the end. If you activate the blue, then cancel Plus, you’ll get a new coral card

To add. If you don’t order a blue card there’s no minimum term for Plus, whereas a 3 months term applies if you do.

Revolut offers virtual cards for free, as do Starling.


So if let’s say I got fed up of plus I csn cancel within 1 month?