Virtual Card Transaction linked to pot not affecting Summary/Budget Tab

Issue: Went to a supermarket and paid with my virtual card which is linked to my “Food” pot. This was then marked under the “Groceries” category. The “Excluded from Summary” is toggled off for this transaction, yet my remaining budget for “Groceries” in the main summary tab has not changed and transaction does not appear.

Details to reproduce: Create pot, create virtual card and link to pot, then make a purchase with that virtual card. Transaction can be seen in pot with marked category, however marked category in Summary is not affected.
OS: Android
Device: OnePlus 7 Pro
App Version: 4.39.0


Payment made with virtual card in pot, categorised as Groceries with “Exclude from Summary” turned off.

In Grocery budget, transaction does not appear.

Virtual cards from pots aren’t included in budgets.


Thanks for your response! Surely this defeats the purpose a bit as I’m sure many people want to be able to track their category spending within pots now that we can spend directly from them. It doesn’t make sense then to have the “Exclude from Summary” option available if it isn’t going to be included in the first place. I saw your comment too here Revels and I agree with your comment that this needs to change. Shame really from someone who’s new to Plus and multiple category sorting but no way to track it.