Exclude from summary doesn’t work?

Am I misunderstanding the “exclude from summary” option for transactions? Because I exclude items and it makes no difference to the total spent that month

I’ll probs be corrected but exclude from summary was more for left to spend, not trends, if that’s what you’re referring to?

Trends doesn’t work on my app as I’m beta and seems to have gone wild.

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It’s quite confusing. So when I go to summary, the amount spent isn’t seemingly affected by the excluded items.

I’d like to be able to see what I spent in a month not including pre set bills etc but it doesn’t seem possible?

Have you got your pre set bills set to repeating payments? As it should remove those from summary as committed spends.

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I think I maybe understand it.

In current month, excluding something removes it from the budget spend.

If I go to a previous month the “spent” amount doesn’t get changed (annoyingly) but the “spending” total does. Which is okay I guess but means you can’t compare months at a glance :frowning:

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I believe trends will fully replace summary eventually, and should hopefully make it a lot more streamlined.

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Ah hopefully then! I’ll keep an eye out, thanks!

The other thing that doesn’t work too wel (for me anyway) is that if I pay for a takeaway and it’s £30 but my mate sends me £15 for their half, I can’t tag only my half as my spend

So you tag them both as take away, and it’ll balance the total spend out that period, but not specifically to your share.

As it’ll debit the £30, but credit back the £15, showing you only really spent £15.

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Gotcha! Thanks! Appreciate the help.

So for now at least excluding from summary does not exclude it from the Trends total? That would make it so much better for me!

As far as I’m aware, not yet, but hopefully comes soon.

I can’t access trends due to the app I have, you can view by merchants and categories etc, though not too sure if you can remove categories from that to suit your view.

If I get access to trends soon I’ll try drop by here and update you if I find anything.

There’s work happening all the time at Monzo on multiple different products, so over time more and more will release for what customers need/want :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Any updates would be great!

Playing around and if I exclude a single transaction then nothing but if exclude an entire catagory it DOES remove it from the total spend :slight_smile:

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That would work then, for house, bills, finances etc.

I’m only just getting into a mental state of personally budgeting and monitoring spend so I’ve a way to learn myself :sweat_smile:

Haha it takes some effort still so! I can’t be bothered to retrospectively change things so I’ll catagorised more accurately going forward :slight_smile:

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When you do one, you can choose all past and present which makes it simpler.

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