Partially exclude from Summary

I think a handy add on to the already great budgeting tools would be to have the option to partially exclude a payment from you summary. For example, I do a weekly shop and while I’m there a friend asks “can you pick up a 24 pack of Stella whilst your there for the session later and I’ll pay you back”?

I don’t really want this amount to come out of my grocery budget or be included in my spending. And option to only exclude £15 for example out of the shopping transaction be handy.


This would probably come hand in hand with the ability to split transactions across multiple categories which I’d love to see in 2019


That would be useful.

As a workaround at the moment I tend to split the transction at the till so the £15 is totally separate on my spending feed.

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This has got to be one of the most requested updates to summary :wink:

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I like this idea. It would also be useful if you could exclude inbound payments from the summary, so (in your example) your friend’s payment isn’t shown.

I think this would be particularly useful for people who have non-Monzo savings accounts out of which they occasionally transfer money in and out.

Big +1 here, this happens to us a lot, all sorts of reasons why you might want to exclude part of a payment from a summary … another way around this (although I would like to see both) would be to have the ability to assign an incoming payment (so when your mate pays you for the Stella) to credit a spend budget

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New here and this is the reason why I joined the community!

And I totally agree with Simon’s incoming money point.

This was posted a long time ago but it’s still not a feature so maybe a comment will boost it? I desperately want something like this and given the changes to categories included in monzo plus I’m surprised this wasn’t also a feature (although I don’t really think this should be behind a paywall).

My ‘money left’ is forever inaccurate because I don’t want to faff around at a till buying my groceries separately from the bits and bobs my housemate asked me to get. Buying anything as a group is a nightmare as your summary is messed up if you ever foot the bill for a takeaway order, shared groceries, or household bills etc. This wouldn’t be a big issue for me but the split the bills function requires friends who don’t have monzo to type in their card details manually when they could pay you in a couple of taps with their own banking app. All of this makes budgeting very difficult when monzo thinks you have a lot less money than you do and have spent more money in certain categories than you actually have.

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If they pay you back via your bank account as opposed to by cash, you can assign the payment to the same budget category as the outgoing grocery bill and the overall spend for the category would be correct. I stopped using the budgeting a long time back because this only worked in some categories/scenarios and despite reporting it on multiple occasions no fixes arrived. I’ve recently started using the functionality again and thus far haven’t discovered any bugs so hopefully it’s been fixed.


I’ve tested this on my account and it doesn’t work unfortunately, the budget stays the same as does my left to spend. Sounds like a bug if it’s just me. If it worked like that for me I wouldn’t mind so much, although you’re right that it only works in some scenarios.

I’d really like this feature. Particular annoyances include when you’ve paid for the group takeway and get your friends to pay you back their bits. Now you have a three-person-dinner hole in your budget when you should only have a one-person hole. The incoming money from your friends doesn’t count towards your budget either!

The only way I’ve found to get around this is exclude the payment completely, then make a transfer out and back of the correct budget deduction, to another account (Monzo Joint account for example), then categorise the outgoing payment as your single-person dinner. This will now deduct from your budget appropriately.

This workaround is messy and annoying, and I’d love so much just to be able to partly exclude a payment. Hell, make the option partially hidden, or enableable as part of a set of ‘advanced tools’, if you want to avoid complicating the app for most users. But for stricter budgeters, this is a must have!

This should be the correct way to handle these.

£30 spent on pizza

£20 back from friends

Change category of inbound payments to pizza (or take away etc)

Shows you’ve only essential spent £10 yourself, and balanced by the income payments, which shows true reflection of the actual spend.