Exclude/include pot in summary

I have added money to a pot to cover all of my scheduled payments for the month.

The day after payday, the total amount needed to cover the scheduled payments is added to a ‘Monthly payments’ pot.

The day before a payment is due, an IFTTT recipe I created moves the correct amount of money from the pot to my account to cover the payment coming out the following day.

Annoyingly, the summary tells me I will run out of money because it is expecting the scheduled payments to come from the current balance.

Could we have a toggle to allow us to exclude/include a pot in the monthly summary? without it the amazingly clever spending prediction tab is redundant

Do you have a budget set?

I did which I thought may have been the issue. I cleared all budgets but it still shows as £18 remaining, when I know I have more than that in the account, and more than that in the pot ready to cover the payments