Transactions paid with pot linked virtual card not affecting budgets/summary

Issue: I made a purchase using my Groceries virtual card, which is attached to my groceries pot. The transaction is categorised as groceries, and exclude from summary is turned off but it’s not showing in summary when I look at my budget, so it’s not very useful to use when budgeting. You can see from my summary screenshot the £22 isn’t in summary so my budget is wrong now

Details to reproduce: create pot, create virtual card and fund from pot and make purchase with Apple Pay using the card.
OS: iOS 15 and iOS 15.1 beta 1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 4.0.0 765


I noticed this very issue after wondering why I was so well ahead of my budget for the budget!

Here in Android, the very same issue.

Create a virtual card linked to a pot.
Pay using virtual card.
Transaction categorised matching budget category.
Exclude from summary switched off.

This transaction is now not reflected in the budget summary.

Perhaps I’m just not using it as intended but it feels like it should take the transaction from your monthly budget.


I thought pots were outside of the scope of budgeting.

That used to be for the very simple reason that it was impossible to spend from them. Now that that’s changed, maybe some other changes may be needed elsewhere but I still quite like the budget being a main account thing.

I’ve budgeted my pot money (!) by putting it into a pot so maybe adding it to the budget as well would be double counting?

I think the days of “If it’s not in the main feed, it’s not in the budget” need to change.

Having a virtual card and budgeting directly with that now breaks the budget and the google sheets export.

Perhaps this is what Trends plans to be