Virtual card removed - charged from main

I made an order in Uber Eat app. Monzo virtual card details in Uber App. Recently I removed all virtual cards in Monzo app - no more card with saved details.
Received notification from Monzo -
Declined - Payment was on your old, deactivated card.
Sounds good as I removed card with details stored in Uber app…
But… straight after Declined message, message about successful payment
I was charged from my main Monzo card??? Bug?

Did you previously have your main card details on your Uber account? Are they still stored?


I agree, this was my first thought. Both Uber and Amazon will cycle through cards until they successfully charge, if needed.

No. Just a one card ending 9413 my main monzo card ends 07

Or maybe its my old card not virtual. Previous before I joined Plus

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Maybe you have that share new card details with merchants enabled in labs, so Uber have your new plus card details after your old monzo card was replaced with plus.

That’s what I was thinking, though shouldn’t the virtual card be treated separately? That lab feature should only inform merchants when a particular card is changed. If not, then the “inform merchants” function and virtual cards become mutually exclusive features.

It is the physical card that’s under discussion in relation to this feature, not the virtual card:

That said, maybe someone who hasn’t had their physical card replaced might want to try and test what happens?

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