Uber not accepting Monzo card

I’ve used my Monzo card on Uber for years. Today, I get this message:

It says “Your payment method is not valid”. My card works fine elsewhere. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding. Signed out of Uber and signed in again.

Virtual card or real card?

Real card

You should be able to pay via Apple/Google Pay. That should hopefully get around any issues you’re having.

It should. But it’s weird that it’s stopped recognising my Monzo card.

Wonder if the same arises with Uber Eats then.

Yeah Uber Eats also fails.

How odd. Sometimes I use my Monzo card via Apple Pay for Uber/Uber eats

Definitely strange - have you got in touch via chat? Sometimes this is caused by an address mismatch - does the address in the Uber app match that in the Monzo app exactly?

(It’s probably not that, but it is a common one!)


Thanks Dan. Yes chat looked into it but couldn’t see any issue on their end. They also checked the address (Uber requests postcode, not full address).

So Uber finally got back to me (we complain about Monzo support times - but Uber’s times are in days not hours). They “fixed a problem with my account” and it all works fine now.

I realised later that all of my cards (not just Monzo) were failing on Uber and Uber Eats, but Apple Pay worked. Weird one. Anyway, all done. Thanks everyone for your help.


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