Virtual Card compromised, yet can't report a pending transaction for fraud

Hi all,

I’ve had a notification for a card check (In London) and a payment made in France. Obviously I was nowhere near either location today, and didn’t make any purchases on card either. I have frozen my card, but will deleting the affected virtual card help me and allow me to unfreeze my main card?

I tried to report the transaction as fraud but because it’s a pending transaction it doesn’t show in the list of transactions to report. I have been able to reverse the charge though, so I am hoping this helps.

I can’t see a way of seeing purchases made on this card which is annoying.

Thanks in advance


If the cards frozen and you’re reversing the transaction I’d just message them tomorrow when chat opens in app, hopefully by the morning the transaction might have updated so that you can click through on that too report it

Do you mean the virtual card? virtual card ones have an icon over the mechant icon indicating which virtual card was used. If it does not have this extra icon then its from your physical card. Also when I open a virtual transaction it lists the card used.

I think you’re trying to access this from the wrong part of the app. You need to tap the transaction in your feed, scroll to the bottom then tap ‘something wrong, get help’. You’ll be able to report it from there even if the transaction is pending and is on a virtual card.

Also, it’s best to reach Monzo via chat rather than via email as suggested on here. If you contact them via chat they’ll be able to access your account and transactions directly saving you time in getting this sorted out.

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Hi @AMoonRabbit, it’d be great if you could share some more details around what has happened here e.g. how you think your virtual card details were compromised, how many other merchants you’ve used that VC with etc.

Having previously had my ‘regular’ Monzo card caught by fraud (no idea how they got my card details :man_shrugging:), I really like the idea of virtual cards as I would hope it eliminates the opportunity for any physical cloning, theft, picking up receipts with your PAN on, etc. Obviously these would be even more helpful if they were linked to a pot which you could keep a £nil balance in until you come to use them…

This was potentially going to sway me to sign up for Plus, but hearing of one getting compromised has made me pause a moment and think they might not be a panacea :thinking:

Hi all, thanks for the responses. This eventually turned out to be a false alarm. So I forgot that earlier that day, I made a donation to a project which I’m using at home to self host my music collection, and as it works so well wanted to donate to the developers. I thought nothing of it really. What threw me was the merchant the payment came through as. You wouldn’t tie a donation for a self-host project to a chain of automotive service centres…

It took some back and forth between me and Monzo support, but when they mentioned it was for software, that sort of jogged my memory, and the french currency, and the value lined up with the donation amount.

Now how Monzo gets the merchant information, I don’t know, but somehow Funkwhale was being interpretted as IN’n’OUT Automotive centre which is not the case. But still, happy that there was support available the moment I felt something was wrong. But in the end it was ok.