Payment to old Monzo Account

I used to have a standard Monzo account before I switched to a plus account.

I just had a company make a payment into my original standard account. Will this payment automatically be forwarded to my new account?

They are the same account. Your account has not been replaced.

Your Plus account and “old Monzo account” are one and the same :slight_smile:

Ahh beaten to it!

If you mean a refund to your old card, that will still arrive in your account.

I have just moved to monzo plus and have a question.
When i activated my new card it said it would delete my old card number. Now i am worried that all my card setups and some bills which were against the old card number will no longer work?
Example would be amazon having saved my old card number, can i still use this or will it be declined and i will need either a virtual card or my new plus number?


Your old card has been cancelled the card number on your new card is different.

Any payments to your old card will be declined.

You can either set those payments up again with a virtual card or your new plus card.

Thanks for the message, can i suggest that the old number becomes a virtual card so that it gives you time to cancel and update any subscriptions etc.
I now cant undo this and will have to go through all online accounts to check.
Obviously Direct Debits will be fine but Spotify, amazon Prime, Google Drive etc need updating.

Also will any refunds to this card still be valid? (maybe the number should be valid for 14 days enabling time for any current issues against the card number)

Hopefully all feedback that can go to the team :wink:

If you have share card replacement enabled in labs then most merchants should be automatically informed of the change by the MasterCard automatic billing update system

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Cool, ive enabled that now and will see if that works!

Yeah, you’ll still get any refunds onto the card so no need to worry about them!

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