Permanently Remove Inactive Virtual cards

So, I’m now on Monzo plus and I really enjoy the new features you’ve made. When I first got it I made a few virtual cards that I didn’t want to use, just to play around on the app. I have now deleted these but they appear in the “inactive cards” section. Is there a way I can delete them further so they don’t appear? Sorry it’s petty but I like it to look ‘clean’:rofl:

Hi @Trafford, I’ve renamed your idea title to make it clearer what you’re requesting.

Also you can vote for your own idea above your post.

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Hey, thanks for that :slight_smile:

It was said earlier on that the ability to reactivate them may come along in future which is why they’re kept around for the moment.

I guess card registration with MasterCard comes at some sort of cost to Monzo so they may be reluctant to do away with them completely so quickly.


I think this still should be implemented