Virtual card help

If I pay by a virtual card then delete that virtual card, if I need a refund do I still receive the funds? Even though it’s been deleted?

This can vary by retailer. Sometimes they will ask you to confirm some of the card details such as expiration date and the last 4 digits. Without those, you’ll usually be offered refund via check or local IBAN transfer.

Say you’d captured the details of the virtual card before deleting, so you could confirm them, would the refund then be able to occur on a replaced card?

It would be returned to the payment card which would go back to the account it came from yes. If the expiry date has lapsed, some retailers won’t though.

Refunds should work :+1: (But I don’t know if there might be some merchants which do something unusual!)


Thanks Tim :smiley: Hope you’re well

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I like to do a bit of online gambling but don’t like certain bookmakers having my bank details. If I was to deposit to them using a virtual card but then won money and wanted to withdraw it back to the card, would this still work even if the card was deleted?

We don’t think so. If you delete a virtual card, then gambling payouts will stop working.

If the virtual card is still active will gambling payouts go through? I’ve already requested a withdrawal and fear I’ve now lost that money.

If the card is still active, then yes, gambling payouts will work.

Thank you, my heart sank for a minute there.

I believe they don’t. Monzo team already Commented on another post saying they wouldn’t so I’m completely unsure

I would ask the team. Positive I saw on another thread someone from the Monzo team as they had the M saying they don’t

Can confirm they will not be paid out. The post @Ashton is referring got closed after a Coral team and Monzo team both confirmed it wont

Only if you delete them. I’ve started to get back into matched betting recently. Virtual card is working fine for me without a hitch for both deposits and payouts.

Could you link to that thread?

I’ve tried with skybet, 888Casino, Betway and 365 and all cancelled my withdrawal 7 days later due to a fail.

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It will only ever work if the gambling company issues the money via a refund. If they send money then it won’t work


Interesting. None of those are bookies I’ve used yet, could be merchant dependant then. Would love to see that other thread to see if they specified a reason for it.

Ah, I gotcha! Thanks!


I’ve had Sky Vegas cancel my deposit aswell and they actually rang me from as the bank wasn’t recognised