Virtual card on gambling

If I use a virtual card for gambling, and I win how will my funds be repaid? If they’re withdrew to the virtual card will I receive the funds

-Please not I don’t suggest gambling as it’s ruined my life I have a nasty habit-

It’s just like a normal card, so it will behave just like one. Payments will be made back to it without a problem.


I can’t answer your question but I guess it applies to any purchase if you got a refund for example too.

Don’t forget there’s gambling block though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response and Sadly I managed to find a way to bypass the gambling block as once you’re highly addicted like I was mostly due to serve depression you’ll do anything to take thoughts of your mind :frowning:

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Thanks :blush:

Sorry to hear that but your message sounds past tense so I’m happy to hear you’re back ontop of it all :pray:

Just in case anyone else reads this…There’s also a specialist vulnerable customers team at Monzo that can help support people with things like this and they have tools far greater than what we have in app. So it’s always worth reaching out to them as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ve improved although still not 100% but miles better than I was :blush:!

Oh I never knew that! I’ll contact them thank you for that :))

You’re welcome. I’m not sure how you get in touch with them, possibly by asking in app chat?

Here’s the blog post though:

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While we’re on the topic, not seen it said for definite anywhere that the gambling block on my card reads across to a gambling block on my virtual card. Any insight?

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Damn don’t give me ideas aha, no I don’t think it should as it’s the account that stops it

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I would expect the gambling block to apply at the account level than the card level (so it transparently works for Apple Pay as well as replacement cards).


Gambling block works at the user level. If you turn it on it will apply to any virtual cards you create with Monzo Plus (and your joint account card if you have one - the other joint account holder can independently choose if they want to turn on the block or not).


This is really interesting I hadn’t realised that was the case. Fortunately, I haven’t had to make use of the feature but I’m pleased it works that way!

Thanks Jon

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