Virtual card refund

If I use a virtual card, can it still accept refund, eg winning from betting sites etc.
Also what if the virtual card was destroyed… Will the refund still come?

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You just need to search to find the answer :slight_smile:


What’s that got to do with what I said? :confused:

Great my simple post being flagged

It would have been polite to say thank you rather than attack the person who answered your question.


Exactly, with mental health issue, loads of meds, some people are not clever enough or think about using the search function

I still answered your question. That link is far more detailed, contains an official response from Monzo and will also cover any follow up questions you may have too.

Not sure why you’re bringing mental health and such into it all :confused:


Should I just say i am dumb to use the search function then? Or tell the real reason

I’m lost. You’ve clearly read something in my message that wasn’t intended. Perhaps you can re-read it later when you’ve calmed down.


I’m not sure what @Ordog did to rile you up, but I’m sure no ill will was intended towards you.

They even provided a link directly to the discussion topic that discusses and answers your query, which is a very helpful thing to do. Plenty of other users here wouldn’t have even bothered to provide you with that link. You were lucky it was Ordog that replied to you first.


From what we know at the moment -

Yes, refunds will still work.
No, gambling payouts will not work.

With the question answered and the thread losing focus, I think it can be closed.