Viewing your CVC in-app 🎉

Hi everyone! :wave:

Some of you will already know this but, you can now view and copy your card’s 3-digit security number in the Monzo app :tada:

It’s usually referred to as the CVC (or Card Verification Code) and it lives on the back of your card.

View your CVC by tapping ‘Card details’ on the Home screen :house_with_garden:

That’s the blue circular button under the image of your Monzo card. From there, you can also get a PIN reminder and reveal the long number on the front of your card.

We’re using the same security as we do for your other card details :closed_lock_with_key:

Just like when you make a payment or reveal your card number in the app, we’ll need to confirm your identity before showing your CVC. We’ll ask you to enter your PIN or use facial or fingerprint recognition if you have it turned on.

That way we can make sure that only you see your card details.

As ever, we’re open-eared to any feedback you have :ear:

Let us know if you spot any funny business and we’ll look into it for you.


Great to have it in app now. One thing I find odd is how wildly different the CA card details screen (a pop up with options) is to the virtual/flex cards (a lot more information and looks nicer). Why can’t the CA details be the same? I remember someone from Monzo once saying it’s to do with visual impairment but then why aren’t virtual/flex card details the same?


Sssshhhh, now they’ll make the virtual card details look the same as these.


There’s a simple answer to this and that’s that it was all down to time. A group of us got together and wanted to get something out to customers as quickly as possible where they could reveal their CVC in-app, so we leaned on existing functionality for revealing PANs (the long card number).

It wasn’t quite as simple as just reusing the screen we use for virtual cards; it would have required a considerable amount of refactoring in the code, which would have massively delayed this project. At some point in the near future we’d like to make it so that you can view all of your physical card details on one screen, in the same way that you can for virtual cards. That’ll come at some point in the near future though. :+1:


Brilliant! Nice to see that the little niggles are being taken care of.


If CVC = Card Verification Code, then isn’t the message “See my card CVC” a bit tautological? Maybe it should say “See my 3-digit CVC” or something less acronym-y?

I’m not mad about it either way, just thought I’d mention it.


Would it not be easier to just add a physical card section to the virtual card screen? But still have the upfront bit.

This is something I think we’ll change, yeah. I’m not that bothered about it though because very few people know what the initialism ‘CVC’ means.

Good spot though! :eagle: :eye:


They should have gone all-in and said Card CVC Code.


Card verification CVC code?



Thanks for the reply. I knew it couldn’t have been as simple as that :smile: Great it’s there and nice to hear a more polished version is coming. great work.


This sort of thing really jumps out at me and I was about to bring it up! The other one that riles me is “PIN number”.



At least they’re not starling and calling it a CVV, gotta be different, right?

The good thing about ATM machines is that when you put your card in, you only have to remember your PIN number, you don’t need to know your card CVC.

(I hate myself for this)


When it comes to the 3 digits on the back of your card, they’re called different things depending on your card provider:

MasterCard - CVC: Card verification code
Visa - CVV: Card verification value
American Express - CID: Card identification number

They’re all essentially the same thing with different names though. At Monzo we use MasterCard for our cards, so CVC is actually the correct usage. :slightly_smiling_face: