View your CVC and card number in-app! 🎉

Hi all! :wave:

You can now view and copy your card number or your card’s 3-digit security number by tapping “Card details” in app! :tada:

Perfect for situations when you don’t have your Monzo card handy. Like when you’re settled in the couch browsing Amazon but your Monzo card is all the way on the other side of the room. :couch_and_lamp::potato: We get it and we got you!

Tap “Card details” on the home screen (the blue circular button under your Monzo card image) to:

  • get a PIN reminder
  • see your card number
  • see your card’s CVC (Card Verification Code)

Before showing your card number or CVC, we’ll still need to confirm your identity by asking you to enter your PIN or use Face/Fingerprint ID. :closed_lock_with_key:

Make sure you’re running app version 4.53 or newer on both Android and iOS to see this update!