View Previous Payments to Payee Contacts

I had a quick search and have not found anything related to this so thought I should post a suggestion.

I have a number of ad-hoc payments I have to make for small things like my window cleaner and find it hard to tell when I have paid them and what values. It is possible to scroll through the transactions, find a previous payment, then click on the “number of payments” section to see the payment history to that payee.

I would find it really useful if that same section of information was also on the payee screen just below the bank account selection…


yes this is a mockup but would be a really useful way of accessing the additional information so I can check I have not already paid this month before sending more money…


Seconded! The data must be there, just need a way to get at it.

I guess you could export a statement or two to get at the info in the mean time, but yes, easier access for this kind of thing would be great.


It might get slightly complicated on that screen if you had multiple accounts under that person’s name. I like the idea, just wonder how well it will work if you had more than one account.

I’m maybe misunderstanding what’s going on here, but wouldn’t a search for the payee name bring that information up?


I normally find payees by scrolling the list rather than a search. Maybe that behaviour is unique to me but I find search on phones really slow due to typing on the keyboard (and familiarity with the list of payees).

If you go to the payments screen and search it only returns the payee individual and not the previous transactions so I think this would be a useful addition because the activity flow is:

I think I need to pay someone. I go to payments, find the payee (search or scroll), check whether I paid recently, continue with payment.

Fair enough, but it does work the other way round.

  1. Search for payee
  2. Tap on a transaction
  3. Send money

To paraphrase Steve Jobs; don’t find them like that :man_shrugging:


Interestingly I had not found that journey until you suggested it. I will be honest I have been a :mondo: user for over a year and didn’t find the search box on the transactions list until last month so have always found other ways of working through the app.

I will say that having a payee details screen with the bank account listed and no other contextual info is odd to me when there is such a rich experience when you go through a transaction. It seemed like an obvious area to add more information and context for users.

Maybe I just need to change the way I use the app?

Should you bend to Monzo, or should Monzo bend to you? :thinking: