Recent payees now have details hidden 😔

Has there been an update to remove the sort code and account details from the recent payments tab?

Fine for most payees as accounts are obvious, but I have a few of my own accounts which I can no longer distinguish between and a few J Smiths which is hard to know who’s who!


Also not a fan of this :frowning:


I bet you can still get the details via the API but I agree it’s not ideal.

Thought I was the only one that noticed this I’m not a fan of it as when I see the acc no and sort code I know straight away now it’s a bit trickier.

Noticed this just now too. Temp workaround: Enter a payment amount and it’ll display the beneficiary’s account details. Not ideal, but hopefully this is simply prep for the new payee list improvements.


I beleive this is an oversight but could be wrong. Roll on the payee management updates which will be amazing.


I’m guessing it’s a bug. Def frustrating :sob: hopefully next update will fix it.

Are you guys all on iOS? Not seeing this on Android.

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Yeah ios for me

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Yep iOS for me too.

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Yep same here on iOS

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Definitely not seeing this with latest beta version for Android

Yep happening on iOS here too that’s a bit annoying :confused:

Hi all,
Sorry about this - we are about to release an update to Payees allowing you to add multiple accounts to the same existing payee. This is why it no longer makes sense to show just one set of account details on the payments screen. Once this feature is released I think it will make much more sense. Thanks for bearing with us!



Fantastic to hear this release is imminent :clap: Been wanting this type of payee management in banking apps for so many years!


Starling have had it for ages

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This is really annoying for me as my Lloyd’s account has the same name as someone I know, so I can’t tell who’s account is who’s.

Starling’s payee management is :ok_hand: glad to see Monzo’s is similar.

I’m still seeing account details on the Android app.


Ohhh hopefully in next weeks release then :tada::tada:

Worth the temp pain for the greater good (as long as its only a week lol)

Yes this is so annoying. I paid money out of my joint account today and accidentally paid it straight into the same account (!). Work around really not ideal as you have to type in details and click the"confirm payment" button first.

Hoping the new feature is worth the inconvenience. Was happy with how it was to be honest.