Payee - payment history

Many apologies if this has already been posted. I get caught out by this every time and was advised to post this:

On the payees page, after clicking a payee, there isn’t a way to access your payment history with them. When clicking on the payee, you are presented with a summary of their details like so:

Here’s the issue:

  • I often need to pay a cleaner or dog walker X amount on a semi-regular but adhoc basis.
  • I go to payees and select them from my favourites, but oops, I’ve forgotten what I paid last time.
  • The only way to find out how much that was is to go back home, re-type in their name, find a transaction and then pay them through here.

OK, it’s not the end of the world, but it would be really nice to see the last few transactions on the payee page, or perhaps have a button linking to a pre-filtered transaction list for accounts under that payee. You have something similar when you click on a transaction and scroll down to Your history with X and hit Number of payments. I feel like the same functionality should exist on the payee page - I know “payee” supports multiple accounts, but there isn’t any way of accessing this history via this route.

Just throwing out the suggestion on an app which I have 0 other complaints about!



It has come up before but not many votes, you could add to these


If you find a transaction with them, you can see it. I guess Monzo don’t like the idea of having the same thing in two places?

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That’s true but I bet a load of people have no idea how to do that. Does it even do that on Android? I know on iOS it does

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I believe the feature is there on Android, yes. but i shall check on my Pixel tonight

Yeah as the post says, the solution does exist, it’s just inconvenient as you have to leave the page you were on, go to a separate page and do a new search, which is inconvenient and defeats the purpose of pinning favourites to your payees page.

The fix seems like a pretty simple addition to make, seeing as the functionality already exists.

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Ah good spot, thank you! I will add my support there.